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Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s April 6, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Unwind with the TaoTronics Massage Gun. Say goodbye to your allergies with the TaoTronics 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier. And finally, get that new iPad 8th-Gen (32GB) that you’ve been wanting.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Tuesday’s best deals overall.

If your muscles are just as stressed as you are, then grab a TaoTronics massage gun. Down to $70 with a coupon clip, you’ll have six gun attachments and 10 adjustable speed levels to really get into the deep tissue of your legs, shoulders, and wherever else you’ve got a little tension.

All told, it’s $60 off the list price right now when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code KJCAB003 at checkout. It has a 4.9-star rating from 1,400+ reviews, too, so customers love the relief it brings.

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher. 

Hey! Come check this out! Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is on sale for $30! You can grab the PS4, PS5, and Xbox versions at a discount today. All the puzzleheads out there know what’s up. Puyo Puyo and Tetris, together at last? It’s more likely than you think. The unique fusion of two classic games works surprisingly well. With tons of modes to explore, it offers a unique t-spin on two beloved classics. If you thought there were just no more ways to make Tetris feel new, I hope you feel like a big dummy right now. Just an absolute buffoon. You nincompoop. You fiend. Get real. Tetris is good.

This deal was originally posted by Giovanni Colantonio.

Dry air can be rough on your sinuses, and I can always feel it this time of year when I wake up and realize I didn’t put on the humidifier overnight. If the dry air makes breathing rough for you during the cold months, especially if you’re inside with the heater on the majority of the time, a simple air humidifier can help.

TaoTronics’ 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier is up for the task, holding a sizable amount of water and automatically maintaining a comfortable humidity level, as shown on the LED display. It also has a tray for essential oils, if you please, and promises whisper-quiet operation.

This 6L humidifier can handle larger spaces up to 753 square feet, and is currently discounted to $63 when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code KJHU0446 at checkout. That’s a $27 total savings.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

Google’s Chromebooks are delightfully simple and affordable laptops that can handle a wide variety of everyday needs, from web browsing and streaming media to word processing, running millions of Android apps, and quite a bit more. Right now, Amazon is offering $60 off a 14” HP Chromebook model.

It’s just $219 right now after savings, and while the 720p 14″ display isn’t going to win any awards for crispness, it should do just fine for basic, everyday needs. This Chropmebook packs modest specs including an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. It’s no powerhouse, but Chromebooks don’t need a lot of processing grunt to handle their mostly web-driven tasks.

Note that this Chromebook 14 (G6) is set to receive automatic updates through June 2026, so there’s plenty of runway to use this laptop for years to come.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

Have you ever been caught off guard by a spider crawling across the counter or a bug on your bathroom mirror? The gut instinct for a lot of people to smoosh it and get it out of the way. Are you’re a kinder, gentler soul who wouldn’t hurt, well, a fly? The Critter Catcher is just what you need to help protect you and the creatures who might wander into your home. These are only $10 and are a humane way to rid your environment of creepy crawlers.

The long handle allows you to get within a range to not scare the bug away but instead slowly and gently enclose it in the soft bristles. It won’t be able to scurry away and gives you enough time to place them outside safely. Release your new many-legged pal easily back to its outdoor abode without harm. These are 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free for those environmentally concerned with big hearts. And best yet, it’s simple enough for children, parents, and grandparents to use.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

You can grab a $50 Nintendo gift card for $45 today at Newegg when using the promo code 93XQS98. And you know what? Sure, why not? Here’s the thing: we all know that Nintendo is pretty reluctant when it comes to discounts on its big games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out over a year ago and it’s still full price. Compare that to companies like Ubisoft who slash games by $30 within six months. See where I’m going with this? If you save money on a gift card and use it to buy first-party Nintendo games, it’s like using a $5 coupon. Don’t tell Nintendo about this. They will surely come after me for revealing this.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

Every time I see an iPad deal, I’m reminded of this tweet from Washington Post reporter Gene Park. Also the NY Times article he’s referencing, but mostly his tweet. The iPad has supplanted our TVs as the main TV- and movie-watching device of the house.

It’s an all-in-one distraction, and you can pick up the latest base 32GB model for $300 at Best Buy, a savings of $30. Need more storage? The 128GB model sees an even larger $50 savings at a price of $380. All three color options are available at this price for both storage levels. Between its 10.2-inch Retina display, the aging but still pretty fast A12 Bionic processor, Apple Pencil support, and up to 10 hours of battery life, there’s a lot to love about the iPad.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Gears Tactics | $24 | Microsoft Store

Gears Tactics | $24 | Microsoft Store
Screenshot: Xbox Game Studios

Remember 2020? That was a million years ago and also a million years long. Let’s all take a moment to try to remember all the things that happened in gaming during 12 months of news. One thing that’s easy to forget is how big a year 2020 was for tactics games. Last Spring, the niche genre had a huge moment with multiple high-profile releases coming out just as games like The Last of Us Part II were getting delayed. If you’re looking to revisit that brief trend, the digital version of Gears Tactics is $24 right now. The tactics game may be turn-based, but it’s still as action-packed as you might expect from a Gears game. Characters can do a lot more in one turn, making the game feel faster and more fluid than your average strategy game. For fans of the genre, it’s an exciting twist on an old classic filled with extremely large guns.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

If you’re in need of a new home workstation, now’s a good time to buy. Apple recently released a new Mac Mini, powered by the company’s M1 chip, which offers speeds up to eight times faster than competing processors, and reviews have all noted how impressive the chip’s performance gains are. The chip is in the company’s new 13″ MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but the Mini is notably cheaper. As long as you won’t need to lug your computer around, the Mini’s a great computer for home use.

Right now, the 512GB SSD configuration with 8GB RAM sees the larger discount at $99 off the list price, just $800 (full savings shown at checkout). Don’t need quite so much storage? The 256GB base model doesn’t see quite as large of savings ($29 off), but lands at the still-appealing price of $670.

This deal was originally published by Jordan McMahon.

There’s an EA PC game sale over at Amazon today and you know what that means: EA games are on sale. It’s pretty simple, I don’t know what to tell you. What should you buy? I can’t tell you that, I can only show you the door. But if you insist on hearing my take, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is $20, which is a steal for a good Star Wars game. The ultimate edition of FIFA 21 is $29, which is down from $100. So damn. Best of all, Titanfall 2 is $6. Considering that the new season of Apex Legends is supposedly going to include some nods to Titanfall, it’s a good time to brush up. There’s way more to explore though, so take a look and see what you like.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

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