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Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s April 5, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Say goodbye to your ancient PC with the 13″ MacBook Pro (M1, 512GB). Have fun with makeup with the Morphe X Lisa Frank Collection. Give your back a little TLC with an ergonomic chair.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Monday’s best deals overall.

Back in March when lockdown started, I remember the day I had to vacate my office. We were told that someone in the building had tested positive for COVID-19 and were rushed out. I quickly threw everything on my desk into a tote bag and hurried out of the building. I think about the concept of an easy office “go bag” a lot nowadays. Having video on various SD cards or writing on a bunch of notebooks seemed fine until I was forced to move it all suddenly, making me reckon with how disorganized all my systems were. External hard drives are naturally a good solution to that, providing an easy way to store and move all of your work in a pinch. Best Buy currently has a 4TB WD Easystore external drive on sale for $85, which offers quite a ton of portable space. Considering how much work I’ll need to move from my home computer back to an office eventually, that might be the only “go-back bag” essential I need.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio. 

For a first-gen Apple product, the new MacBooks featuring the company’s own custom chipset reviewed surprisingly well, even from our friends at Gizmodo. And now, the M1-equipped 13″ MacBook Pro is discounted $99 off the list price for either the base model with a 256GB SSD or the larger-capacity 512GB model. Here’s what Gizmodo’s Joanna Nelius had to say in her review of the powerful new MacBook Pro:

I do all my work and play on PC, but Apple’s M1 processor has me wondering if I really need a Windows PC for my next laptop. This is the first time in all my years of computing—ever since my dad sat me in front of a keyboard as a toddler—that I’ve ever considered getting a Mac.

This deal was originally posted by Gabe Carey.

The absolutely gorgeous Morphe X Lisa Frank Collection dropped at Ulta last November, and it sold out quickly. If you’re of a certain age, you definitely rocked these designs at school, so if you didn’t grab anything the first time, now is your chance. Lisa Frank was on everything imaginable in the 90s and even had a bit of a revamp and resurgence in the last few years. Morphe and Ulta saw the gap in the rainbow market as we are totally sentimental for those retro neons. I fully expect these all to sell out again, but you can take $3.50 off the whole order with the code 945671.

This eye-catching compilation has anything you could need: bright beauty blenders, bold brushes, and vivid throwback palettes. There are 3 palette covers to pick from based on Lisa’s most popular designs. The actual colors in the palettes are the same, but you will get to choose from the Tiger (Forrest), Unicorns (Prancing Unis), or Aliens (Zoomer & Zorbit). All have returned to the restock. There are two sets of lip crayons that are new to Ulta this go-round. It’s time for some nostalgia, and who wouldn’t want a little comfort of yesteryear in 2021.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

I remember playing the first Borderlands when it came out. I went to a friend’s house and we blazed through hours and hours of the campaign together. Those sessions are kind of a blur, but I fondly remember one thing from them: Skagzilla. I have no idea why, but at the time, this was an absolute barn burner of a joke to me. I couldn’t stop saying “skagzilla” as if it was some brilliant play on words. In retrospect, what? Why would that be funny? Thus is the Borderlands experience. The first two games are especially very much built out of the early meme era, putting their humor in a time capsule. Thus, Borderlands Legendary Collection is both a preservation of two classic looter shooters and internet humor itself. If you want to crack that capsule open, the Nintendo Switch version is now down to $20 on Amazon. Unce, unce, unce!

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

It took Samsung a long time to shed its reputation for essentially copying Apple’s iPhones, but in recent years, the tech giant has become known more for boundary-pushing innovation. That said, when the original Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone—which opens up to reveal a large, tablet-sized screen within—was first launched, it was widely ridiculed. And when it was delayed after review units broke, well, that didn’t help.

Luckily, Samsung gave it another go, and last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has seen much better reviews than the original. The outer screen is much larger and more useful now, the whole thing feels more durable, and there’s no weird super-sized notch on the inner screen. It’s a true powerhouse of a smartphone at a truly wallet-decimating price of $2,000. Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote in his review:

“For anyone who has dreamed about tech that allows phones to do more, the Z Fold 2 is a pioneer of the post-phone era. The Z Fold 2 offers an experience unlike anything else on the market, so while that price might not make any logical sense, somehow it’s still not completely outlandish.”

If you’ve been waiting for a deal to ease that eye-popping price, Amazon has one: it’s currently $200 off in either Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black. That’s still $1,800 for a smartphone, which puts it well outside the reasonable range for most buyers, but if you can’t fight the FOMO… hey, 10% off is something.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward. 

Spring is taking root, and if you have a lawn, then you’ll soon be forced back into the routine of cutting grass to avoid wild, untamed surroundings. Electric mowers can save you the hassle of obtaining, handling, and using gasoline, although the cordless models usually aren’t cheap.

Luckily, this Greenworks cordless cordless electric mower with a 19″ deck is down to a sizzling $200 at Woot right now, and there’s free shipping for Amazon Prime members too. It’s $180 off the list price, and this deal is valid for today only while supplies last. It comes with two batteries that provide up to 60 total minutes of mowing power, along with the charger and a clippings bag.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

The summer BBQ is on the horizon, and it’s still a great way to socially distance outside if you don’t feel comfortable just yet. You may be the happy host ready to grill, roast, and cook for all your lovely guests. Even if you just have a large family, a sturdy set of Stainless Steel Stock Pots is a must. This three-piece set from Sedona is 53% off and ready for all your tasty recipes.

These mirror-finished pots come in three sizes depending on the brood you need to feed. Eight, twelve, and sixteen quarts are the sizes, and each comes with its own self-sealing glass lid for ultimate deliciousness. Being glass means you can peek in and check to make sure everything is going as planned. The base of these pots is designed to heat evenly, leaving no spots cold or undercooked. The pots will work with any kitchen setup: gas, electric, ceramic, and glass cooktops. You can’t pop these in the oven, though. Sorry. It is also recommended that you hand wash them. They do come with a thirty-day manufacturer’s warranty as a nice just in case. This deal will run until April 11.

These will ship for free.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

While we’re home waiting for our turn to get a jab, it might be fun for your brain to learn something new. For a short time, you can grab a Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle for only $60. And what do you gain with this bundle you ask? Well, a bunch of shit including JavaScript, SwiftUI Apps, a complete C# programming course, Python, Raspberry Pi, HTML, CSS, and 20 other complete courses you’d want to be a professional coder.

I personally don’t know much about coding besides the skills needed to make the most popping MySpace profile of 2008, however, coding is a great skill to have in your pocket, especially in the current (and sucky) job market. Plus, just one of these courses would be about $100 by itself and you’re getting 27 courses with 2,700 lessons for $60, which is about 98% off so quite honestly you’re getting a huge deal. Invest in your future or something and grab it while it’s hot!

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.

As torn up as I am that this is my last week at The Inventory, I recently accepted a new job that’ll have me working from home indefinitely … unless I move to LA, which I won’t. So if I didn’t have one already, I would be the perfect candidate for a commercial-grade ergonomic chair.

This one in particular from premium (yet affordable) office supplier Branch costs significantly less than the Herman Miller alternative and offers many of the same perks, including height, tilt, and tension adjustments, as well as an optional lumbar support rest. Its thick cushion can hold weight up to 300 pounds, and a dual-layered mesh back lets your back breathe to prevent it from getting too sweaty, just in time for that scorching summer heat. While by no means essential, you can—if you’re so inclined—tack on an adjustable headrest to match for just $45 more. The seat comes in black, gray, and light blue, though the latter is sold out as of this writing, while the frame can be outfitted in either white or black.

The Branch Ergonomic Chair is $50 off, for a limited time only, bringing its total asking price from $349 down to $299. If you, like me, are going to be spending a lot more time working from home than you were pre-pandemic, your home office chair upgrade is well past due anyway, so you might as well treat yourself while supplies last.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Smart locks are mighty convenient. Not only will you rid yourselves of incessant key-fumbling, you’ll also be able to set up guest profiles and give everyone their own unique codes. The Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi is one of the most interesting takes on this concept, but before we talk about why, know that you can get one for nearly $30 off the list price at Amazon.

So, this thing uses your fingerprint for entry alongside the traditional numerical code. There’s also Bluetooth and WiFi support, for added security. That’s why it’s the perfect product for security paranoids. It’s also sleek, easy to install, and will withstand the daily elements with an IP65 rating.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

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