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Sara Ali Khan is back with her foodie diaries. And, it is oh-so-relatable. Let us all admit, every time she comes up with a foodie update, we know that it’s going to leave us drooling. Today, the actress gave us a glimpse of her morning ritual. Yes, unlike many of us, Sara seemed to be busy with work today. But on the way, she did enjoy her coffee. The actress shared a boomerang on Instagram Stories. Here, she is sitting inside a car with her coffee mug. Sara wrote, “Thank God for coffee.” She also added “En route work.” Take a look.Also read: Sara Ali Khan’s Healthy Shoot Day Breakfast Is Giving Us Fitness GoalsCoffee, if consumed in limited quantity, can benefit your health in the numerous ways.– Firstly, coffee can be a great mood lifter. Some health experts say that the brew is connected to positive feelings like pleasure and kindness. – Coffee is also known to boost heart health because of the presence of chlorogenic acid in it. It helps reduce inflammation and promotes heart health. – Some studies have also found a connection between coffee consumption and lower blood sugar levels.– It can boost brain health and may also lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease. – Gym enthusiasts also consume coffee because it’s believed that the brew helps you recover from a heavy workout and reduces muscle soreness.Now that you are reading so much about it, why don’t you make a cuppa for yourself and relax on the weekend? Don’t worry about the recipes, just keep reading:1)Instant Coffee Don’t have much time? Just stick to this recipe. All you need is coffee powder, milk, water and some sugar to prepare this. You can prepare this instant coffee in just five minutes. Find the recipe.2) Dark Chocolate CoffeeSounds yummy, isn’t it? The goodness of dark chocolate will the add much-needed favour to the usual coffee. Besides this, dark chocolate coffee can be one of the most comforting drinks in this weather. Recipe here.  3) Filter CoffeeRaise your hand if you are a fan of this quintessential coffee. You just can’t say no to it. All you need is a coffee maker and you are good to go! See the recipe here.4) Spiced CoffeeDo you like your coffee to be a little spicy? If yes, then make this one. It’s prepared with a desi twist and you are going to fall in love with its taste. The ginger and cardamom add more flavours to the brew making it extra special. Click here for the recipe.5) Fruity Black Forest Cherry CoffeeSounds unique, right? This coffee is all things chocolaty and fruity. Just top it up with some cherries and chocolate flakes and voila! Recipe here.Now that you know so many recipes, we are assuming your cup of coffee will be different from the usual one. Isn’t it?Featured Video Of The DayGajar Matar Khichdi Recipe | How To Make Gajar Matar Khichdi

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