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In August 2020, Tesla had last split its stock in the ratio of 5-to-1.New Delhi:
U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Inc is considering a stock split option and will seek shareholder approval to increase its share count. If the process sails through, then it will be the second stock split of the company. Following the announcement, the carmaker’s stock rallied 8.03 per cent to $1,091.84 on Monday, adding over $100 billion to its market value. Here’s Your 5-Point Cheat-Sheet To This Story:In August 2020, Tesla had last split its stock in the ratio of 5-to-1.Tesla shares debuted at $17 per share in 2010. Following its 2020 5-to-1 stock split, it is currently trading above $1,000, equivalent to over $5,000 on a pre-stock split basis.Why Do Companies Split Their stocks? They usually split their shares to make their stock prices appear less expensive and attract more investors.Tesla’s market capitalization stands above the $1 trillion mark, making it the largest U.S. automaker in terms of market valuation.Over the last two years, Apple, Nvidia and Tesla have split their shares. Recently, Amazon and Google-parent Alphabet have also announced upcoming share splits.

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