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Techie Nitesh Yadav’s novel idea has created a buzz on LinkedIn.Salary negotiation is the hardest part when it comes to switching jobs. The candidates start the negotiation with high hopes, that they will convince the human resources (HR) person on the other end of the phone to send the offer letter according to their expectations. But often, it’s the other way round and candidates usually get convinced by the offer that’s made by the HR. People approach their seniors, or relatives, to find ways to present their candidature in a better manner.But now, a techie has come up with a novel idea that has created a buzz on LinkedIn.Nitesh Yadav, a software engineer, has suggested bringing mothers to the salary negotiation table, using the hashtag #underrated_skill_in_tech. “Can I bring my mother on salary negotiation call? She can definitely make better deal,” Mr Yadav said in his post, a screenshot of his tweet.The question has divided social media. While some users were amused by the idea, others called it “outrageously silly”.”Mother be like: Bhaiya theek theek laga lo ….doosri company wale is se zyada de rahe hain,” one LinkedIn user commented. “”Mom is definitely the best bargainer in every situation,” added another.”I should definitely bring my Dad then. They will hire me at the highest salary and benefits because they will be hiring a “goddess” then. My mother on the other hand…. My salary will become quarter of the proposed,” read another comment.Mr Yadav’s post has received more than 1.62 lakh  reactions and over 1,800 comments. It has also been shared by 1,628 LinkedIn users.Click for more trending news

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