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Tandoori Chicken Pasta Recipe: This Fusion Dish Is Perfect For Midweek Indulgence 1
Tandoori chicken will win your heart if you love chicken-based recipes as much as we do! Just imagining this mouthwatering treat makes us drool: juicy pieces of marinated chicken grilled in a hot tandoor, then covered in a thick, creamy gravy and drenched in copious amounts of butter. A plate of tandoori chicken is always on our menu, whether we are ordering food with our family or going out to eat with friends. Tandoori chicken has evolved from a popular starter to tandoori chicken pizza, burger, tandoori chicken wrap, biryani, and many other dishes. We’ve discovered yet another unique fusion dish that will make you love tandoori chicken even more! tandoori chicken pasta, to be precise.Tandoori chicken pasta combines the best of both worlds – the spiciness and aroma of Indian cuisine with the delectability of Italian cuisine. Tandoori chicken is transformed into a fusion Indo-Italian delicacy by this creamy and delicious pasta, which soaks up all of the spice! If you enjoy Tandoori chicken as much as we do, this recipe is a must-try. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the recipe. Take a look below.Also Read: Indulge In These 5 Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes Ready Under 30 MinsTandoori Chicken Pasta Recipe: How To Make Tandoori Chicken PastaTo begin, prepare Tandoori chicken. Marinate the chicken and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. When finished, grill it or bake it in an oven, covered with foil. Do this step ahead of time to save time and effort. This recipe can also be made with leftover Tandoori chicken.Meanwhile, cook the pasta in salted water until boiled perfectly. Drain the pasta and keep it aside. Now, take a pan, and heat pasta sauce, garlic, oregano, and yogurt. Add shredded tandoori chicken, pasta and diced pepper. Stir for some time.For the complete Tandoori Chicken Pasta recipe, click here.For more delicious pasta recipes, click here.If you love Italian food, click here for some of our best recipes.So, what are you waiting for? Try out this fusion recipe and let us know how you all liked it in the comments below. Happy Cooking!Featured Video Of The DayHoney Chilli Chicken Popper Recipe | How To Make Honey Chilli Chicken Popper

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