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V Boopathi saved one-rupee coins for three years to buy a Bajaj Dominor 400A man in Tamil Nadu bought the bike of his dreams after saving for three years. While that in itself is not usual, what did create a buzz online was his mode of payment – he paid for the vehicle, worth Rs 2.6 lakh, using only one-rupee coins. According to Times of India, V Boopathi walked away with a Bajaj Dominar 400 from a showroom in Salem on Saturday. The bike was handed over to him after five members of the showroom staff, along with four friends of Mr Boopathi, worked for over 10 hours to count all the coins. The coins were brought to the showroom in a van and offloaded using wheelbarrows. Photos shared by news agency ANI on Twitter show the team hard at work counting the one-rupee coins. One of the pics also shows V Boopathi, 29, with his brand new motorcycle. Tamil Nadu | A youth in Salem paid Rs 2.6 lakh to buy a bike with Re 1 coins he collected in three years.— ANI (@ANI) March 28, 2022While the showroom manager was initially reluctant to accept the payment in coins, he said he relented because he did not want to disappoint a customer.”The banks would charge 140 as commission for counting 1 lakh – that too in 2,000 denomination. How will they accept it when we give them 2.6 lakh in one-rupee coins,” showroom manager Mahavikranth was quoted as saying by Times of India. “I finally accepted, considering Boopathi’s dream of buying a high-end bike,” he added. Mr Boopathi, who is a YouTuber, also shared a video of his bike-buying experience. He told Times of India that he had inquired about the cost of his dream bike three years ago and was told it was Rs 2 lakh.”I didn’t have so much money at the time,” he said, adding that he decided to save the money he earned as revenue from his YouTube channel to buy the Bajaj Dominor 400. Click for more trending news

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