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Former India captain and batting legend Sunil Gavaskar is known for his astute analysis of the game and ability to call a spade a spade on commentary. Gavaskar is also known for his great sense of humour and that was on display during the IPL as he jokingly asked English commentator Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor diamond during the match between Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants.During a break in the game, the broadcaster started showing aerial shots of the Marine Drive, which is also known as the “Queen’s Necklace”. Gavaskar, who was on air, made a reference about the priceless diamond saying, “We are still awaiting the Kohinoor diamond.”This left both Gavaskar and Wilkins laughing as the duo enjoyed the banter. Wilkins said that he knew Gavaskar was going to talk about the Kohinoor. The former India captain went on and asked Wilkins if he could use any special influence to ask the British government to return the diamond to India.Watch: Sunil Gavaskar asks Alan Wilkins to ask the “British government to return the Kohinoor”#SunnyGavaskar demands the Kohinoor ????— Mohit Dinodia (@MohitDinodia) April 10, 2022The Kohinoor is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world and is said to have been mined in India and is currently set in the crown of the Queen Mother of Britain.Gavaskar’s reference to the priceless diamond left Indian cricket fans talking about it on social media. Here are a few tweets on it.”We are still waiting for the Kohinoor diamond” ????????~Sunil Gavaskar, 2022 (To Alan Wilkins)— Gems of Commentary (@GemsOfComms) April 11, 2022Sunil Gavaskar ribbing Alan Wilkins about the British taking away the Kohinoor after Wilkins made a comment about Marine Drive being called the Queen’s Necklace is GOLD! #TATAIPL2022— Aniruddha Guha (@AniGuha) April 10, 2022Sunil Gavaskar just asked fellow commentator @alanwilkins22 to return the Kohinoor. “If you have any influence, maybe you can ask the Queen to return it.”????????????Gavaskar Sir ko Bharat Ratna when?— Siddharth’s Echelon (@SiddharthKG7) April 10, 2022Oh LORD!Sunil Gavaskar just did it!!He asked Alan Wilkins to wiggle around his influence all the way up to the royalty in order secure the Kohinoor back for India while commentating live on TV in front of the millions. Casually!An Absolute Gem! #IPL2022 #LSGvsRR— Adam Rego ֎ (@mindfulprostate) April 10, 2022Thank you, Sunil Gavaskar, for reminding Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor diamond stolen by the British, for the latter could not stop going gaga over the ‘Queen’s Necklace’, or what we know as the Marine Drive.— Tushar Gupta (@Tushar15_) April 10, 2022A lot of people have demanded to get the Kohinoor back to India but I don’t think anyone has asked it as cheekily as Sunil Gavaskar on Global Feed????#RRvsLSG #IPL2022 #Kohinoor— Anuj Trivedi (@anuj10trivedi) April 10, 2022Topics mentioned in this article

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