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Rakul Preet Singh’s food diaries are interesting. And she has managed to make us drool yet again. Just like many other foodies out there, Rakul also enjoyed her Sunday with scrumptious treats. Her culinary tales mainly included finger-licking desserts this time. She dropped a carousel post on Instagram showcasing snippets of her Sunday binge. The very first snap featured Rakul Preet holding two cups of ice cream. The swirl ice creams in different flavours looked absolutely tempting. The immediate next slide gave us a view of her delectable cake. It’s a sumptuous chocolate cake decorated with edible white cream and topped with chunks of strawberries. The other image showed Rakul Preet digging into a healthy bowl of what looked like cereals. In the last picture, one can see her with a sad face. To decode this part of the post, you will have to read her caption. She stated, “Sunday moood … Get me foooood instead swipe till the end for reality ..” The actress used the hashtag “Sunday shoots.”  Also read: Rakul Preet Singh Enjoys Delhi’s Famous Chaat, And We’re Craving It TooWell, you don’t always have to wait for the weekend to relish wholesome desserts. You can also dive into some delightful sweets to deal with the Monday blues. So, are you in for a treat? Refer to the recipes below. Try them out at home.1) Homemade Vanilla Ice CreamTrust this recipe whenever you get a sudden urge to have ice cream. Nothing beats the joy of chomping away a frosty scoop of ice cream straight out of a freezer. So, make this at home and enjoy your version of vanilla ice cream. Recipe here.2) Chocolate Strawberry CakeIf you are a sucker for cakes, this recipe is surely going to impress your tastebuds. It’s a decadent moist cake stuffed with juicy strawberries. This dessert is perfect for birthdays or anniversary celebrations. Find the recipe here.  3) Walnut, Berry and Beetroot Smoothie BowlYes, sometimes, healthy bowls can be boring. But worry not. We have something interesting that you wouldn’t regret having. Presenting this super tasty walnut, berry and beetroot smoothie bowl. It’s highly nutritious and packs a punch. All you need is a mere 10 minutes time to prepare this. Click here for the recipe. 4) Marble CakeIf you are looking for more desserts, here’s another dish to save in your cookbook. If you don’t like those cream-laden, heavy cakes, go for this one. It carries wonderful flavours of vanilla, cocoa and chocolate. Make this at home and enjoy it with your family. This is the recipe. 5) Apple CrumbleHave you ever tried apple crumble before? It’s a quick dessert that carries the goodness of apples. If you are done with the regular sweetmeats, usually prepared at your home, try this out. It’s one unique take on apples. Find the recipe here. We hope you have a good day gorging on some amazing desserts.Featured Video Of The DayChicken Saagwala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Saagwala

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