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Struggling To Make Soft Puttu? 5 Tips To Make The South Indian Delight Like A Pro 1
Puttu is a popular dish from the state of Kerala. It is basically prepared by steaming rice flour and grated coconut in layers with or without a puttu maker. This traditional South Indian dish is typically served for breakfast with kadala curry, palm sugar or coconut chutney. Puttu not only tastes delicious but is extremely healthy also as it has an impressive nutrient profile. While it only requires a handful of ingredients to make, achieving the right texture can be quite challenging. So, if you’re planning to make puttu at home or always end making dry ones, fret not, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have curated a list of 5 tips that’ll help you make super soft puttu every time. Take a look.Also read: How To Make Soft Appams – Easy Tips To FollowAlso read: High-Protein Breakfast: How To Make Kerala-Style Kadala Curry At Home (Recipe Inside)Here Are 5 Tips To Make Soft Puttu At Home:1. Add Water In BatchesWhile making a mixture for puttu, make sure not to add excess water. You must add water in batches instead of pouring it all at once. This will help you get the right texture to make softer puttu.2. Use Good Quality Rice FlourThe quality of rice flour plays a great role in ensuring that your homemade puttu turns out to be soft. It is generally prepared using wheat rice flour or red rice flour. Whichever flour you are using, make sure it’s of good quality.3. Ensure There Are No Lumps In The FlourOnce you’ve mixed everything together, ensure that there are no lumps in the flour. The texture of the mixture must be crumbly without any sign of lumps.4. Use Puttu MakerUsing a traditional puttu maker helps give it shape and makes the process easier. However, if you do not have access to a puttu maker, cover the idli pan with a damp muslin cloth and allow it to steam.5. Do Not Over SteamLastly, make sure not to over steam the puttu while making it at home. Steaming it for a long time would dry it out and make it lose its moisture. This will not give you the desired results.So, the next time you make puttu at home, keep these tips in mind!Featured Video Of The DayDry Fruit Cake Recipe | How To Make Dry Fruit Cake

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