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Starbucks is trying to reinvent itself and so Anand Narasimhan’s appointment becomes crucial.
The transition comes as Starbucks navigates a burgeoning US unionization push following a difficult stretch for workers during Covid-19. Here are 5 points on what it will mean for Starbucks:The five-decade-old popular coffee chain has 34,000 stores worldwide and is the premier roaster and retailer of speciality coffee.With the move, Starbucks has chosen an executive credited with revitalising the maker of Lysol disinfectants to undertake a “reinvention” of the world’s biggest coffee chain, according to news agency Reuters.Starbucks faces a turbulent period. More than 200 of its stores in the United States have unionised in the past year, with workers pushing for better benefits and wages at a time of surging inflation.The company is also reworking its business model from a focus on cafes that encouraged long visits to mobile pickup and delivery, while facing higher costs for ingredients and labour.Mr Narasimhan will join Starbucks in October but will take the helm in April 2023, after spending a few months learning about the company and its “reinvention” plan.

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