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Waiting in life for the rich has becoming a side hustle for one London man (Representative Image)Most of us get annoyed when we are told to stand in a queue – even for a few minutes. But having a little patience can earn us up to 160 pounds (roughly Rs 16,248), if we are in London. How? A man there is charging up to 20 pounds an hour for standing in line for the rich and well-off who don’t want to wait in line themselves. The person has claimed that he earns up to 160 pounds in one day. That sounds easy but really isn’t.Freddie Beckitt said queuing comes naturally to him as he’s a Londoner and has practised it “down to a fine art”. But, the 31-year-old added, his work requires incredible patience to remain barely moving through the full eight hours of the day.The Fulham resident said that his best days are when he is asked to queue for tickets to highly popular events, such as performances at the Apollo Theatre, for those who have money but not enough time. “I worked eight hours for a job queuing for the V&A’s Christian Dior exhibition for some very well-to-do people around their mid-sixties,” the professional waiter told The Sun. The actual queuing was just three hours but those who hired him asked Mr Beckitt to collect their tickets and wait for them too. So, he spent the rest of the time “perusing” the museum and got paid for that. “It was great,” he added.However, there are times when Mr Beckitt has had to wait in the freezing cold during winter. During summer, when big events and exhibitions are on in London, he remains the busiest. Mr Beckitt advertises his skills on Taskrabbit, an online marketplace that matches freelance labour with local demand. There, Mr Beckitt offers services like pet sitting, packing, errands and gardening.Mr Beckitt added that he can’t charge more than 20 pounds as his work does not require any particular skill. But it gives him the flexibility to earn while maintaining his schedule. Also, he can’t take it as full-time as the queues don’t last long.”Unfortunately I don’t think I can charge any more than £20 an hour and it doesn’t require any skill or even hard work. But it gives me lots of flexibility to earn and fit it into my writing schedule. My friends and family find it very amusing but definitely weren’t surprised,” he was quoted saying by Ladbible.Click for more trending news

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