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Spotify has redesigned its home page to display separate feeds for music and podcasts, the company announced on Tuesday. The streaming service is rolling out an update for its Android app, which features an updated home interface. While Spotify has also confirmed the updated design will make its way to iOS devices, it is yet to share a definite release timeline. The company claims that the new home page will make browsing through content easier than the previous design, which combined both music and podcasts.The music and podcast streaming platform has announced a new update for its app. With the new update the company is bringing a redesigned home page, which separates music and podcasts feeds. Spotify claims that this will make browsing through content a user is looking for easier.Spotify is currently rolling out the update only Android users. The company said that it will be rolled out to iOS users as well, but a specific release date is yet to be revealed. According to Spotify, the updated home interface “will make the experience more personalized while allowing users to dig even deeper into their recommendations.”With the new update, the music feed will give users quick access to suggestions, Spotify says. The music feed will also display album and playlist recommendations. The company also said that there will be dedicated buttons that will allow users to easily share, like, and play music from within the music feed.The dedicated Podcast and Shows feed will allow users to “head straight” to new episodes, according to Spotify. The feed will also display personalised podcast recommendations. Additionally, the update will allow users to read episode descriptions and save them to the Your Episodes list. Users will also be able to play the podcast without leaving the page, “so the experience starts from one place,” the company said.

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