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A SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing in Kochi (File)New Delhi: A SpiceJet flight from Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah made an emergency landing at Kerala’s Kochi airport due to a hydraulic failure, officials said. All passengers are safe, they said.The SpiceJet flight SG-306 was flying to Kozhikode when it was diverted to land in Kochi due to a hydraulic failure in the aircraft, officials said.A full emergency was declared at Kochi airport at 6.27 pm today. The flight landed safely at 7.19 pm, after which the emergency status was withdrawn.Kochi airport managing director S Suhas said the airport had fully geared up for facing the extreme emergency situation.The officer said the airport’s alert structure was activated fully. After the aircraft landed safely, the runway was checked and then handed over for normal operations.

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