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Buffy Cloud Down Alternative Comforter (Twin/XL) | $65 | Bed Bath & Beyond
Buffy Cloud Down Alternative Comforter (Full/Q) | $80 | Bed Bath & Beyond

Ready for a comfortable night’s sleep? Sleep like a baby on a Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for as low as $65— that’s the price of one that will fit a twin or twin XL (dorm-size) bed. For most of us, we’ll need to step up to the full/queen Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for $80.

I’m excited to say that I made the plunge and finally purchased one of these comforters for myself this past winter. I gotta say: “Cloud” is an accurate descriptor. What’s more, I got my full/queen-sized Buffy comforter for just $64 since I’m a Beyond+ member. And now that the weather is warming up, I find that the comforter still feels like the perfect temperature.

The Buffy comforter is made of soft hypoallergenic eucalyptus fibers. And, the fill is sustainably made of recycled materials. It’s so lovely to find an eco-friendly and skin-friendly comforter— but even more lovely to find it for 50% off! Plus, this comforter is made for all seasons, so you can enjoy it now and its lyocell breathable fabric will keep you comfortably cool in the summer as well.

This deal was originally published on 1/3/21 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 3/28/21. 

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