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The video has amassed nearly 20,000 upvotes.A video showing a cat helping a human recover their keys from a hole has surfaced on the internet. The short clip was shared on Reddit with a caption, “Kid drops mom’s keys in a hole, kitty comes to the rescue.” The video opens with the human trying to take the keys out of a hole they seemed to have dropped them in. However, despite their best efforts, the keys are nowhere in sight.  Watch the video below: The video shows a person using a stick to try and reach the keys. A kid is also seen trying to help the person. However, after failing to recover the lost item, the human seeks the feline’s help, who puts in its best efforts to get the key out of the hole and give it back to the person. It is unclear whether the cat belonged to the person who recorded the video. Viral Video | Baarat Battles Rain, Moves Ahead. Internet Says “Happens Only In India”Since being shared, the video has amassed nearly 20,000 upvotes. The post has also prompted several internet users to share their thoughts. One said, “someone deserves an extra treat.” Another wrote, “To those wondering, this is Brazilian Portuguese and the caption says ‘If I hadn’t recorded it nobody would have believed.’” “Smartest kitty,” commented third, while a fourth added, “What a sweetheart!”Speaking of cats, a while back another cat video had gone viral on the internet. The clip showed a feline attempting to scale a wall twice but failing at it. The short clip had racked up more than 15.2 million views and more than 5 lakh likes on Twitter. Internet users praised the cat for its efforts. Click for more trending news

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