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Kids Are More Clever Than You Think

Kids can enjoy printing some very simple patterns and motifs on fabric or paper.

If they are older than seven or eight, they can print something that they have created on a tee shirt for themselves, for their summer vacation.

Tee shirts for printing need to be cotton, so that they can absorb the dye well.The easiest thing to do is to visit your art and craft shop and buy some printing block designs. I found a butterfly design and a teddy bear one, which I used on paper for a birthday card, but you can also use acrylic paints and print on fabric.

When you have printed the butterfly on fabric and the paint has dried, iron gently to seal the paint. Also clean off the print block as soon as you have finished, ready for your next project.

This is such a wonderful way to help kids become involved in their own creative tee shirt printing!

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