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"She Was Screaming, Driver Knew": Friend Of Delhi Woman Dragged By Car 1
New Delhi: The men who dragged a 20-year-old for 13 km under their car in Delhi on New Year’s morning, “knew she was stuck under,” the victim’s friend told reporters today.  Nidhi, who accompanied Anjali Singh to a New Year Party, was riding pillion in the same scooty, the police have found. The woman, who apparently had a fight with the 20-year-old, had fallen when the car allegedly hit the scooty and after seeing Anjali being dragged under the car, went home in shock.”The Baleno hit us head on. I fell to one side and she fell towards the front,” Nidhi told reporters.”My friend got stuck under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her. They knew. The girl was stuck under the car and she was screaming. I felt so hopeless that I went home,” she told reporters this evening as her friend’s body was cremated.”I went home and didn’t tell anything to anyone. I had panicked. I cried a lot. They drove forward and back twice. Forward and back. Twice. She was on her back. Probably got stuck into something. So they went forward and back. Then they just went ahead, dragging her under the car,” she added, recalling the traumatic event in vivid detail.Anjali’s leg had got stuck in the axle.The five men in the car, who are under arrest, have told the police that they had panicked after hitting the scooty and had no idea that the woman was stuck in the undercarriage. They said they were drunk, having polished off two bottles of alcohol on way back from Haryana’s Murthal. Also, the music in the car was loud and they heard nothing, they said.The men claimed that they saw the body when they were near the Jonti village. While taking a U-turn, they saw the woman’s arm. Then they stopped the car and leaving the body there, drove off. They returned the borrowed car to Ashutosh and went home.

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