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After Pfizer and Moderna, Serum Institute of India has asked for indemnity from liability, sources sayNew Delhi: After Pfizer and Moderna, Covishield-maker Serum Institute of India (SII) has asked for indemnity from liability, according to sources. All vaccine makers, whether Indian or foreign, should be granted the same protection, the Adar Poonawalla-led company has reportedly told the government.”Not just Serum Institute of India (SII), all the vaccine companies should get indemnity protection against liabilities if foreign companies are granted it,” Serum sources said today, adding that rules should be the same for everyone.The government has so far not given any manufacturer indemnity or protection against legal action for any severe side effects.This is a key condition put forth by foreign vaccine-makers Pfizer and Moderna for supplying to India.Yesterday, Health Ministry sources said other countries have granted this concession and “there is no problem” in granting indemnity or legal protection from any claims linked to the use of a company’s COVID-19 vaccine.”If these companies have applied for Emergency Use Authorisation in India then we are ready to give them indemnity,” the sources said.”It is expected that they will be granted indemnity against legal proceedings along the lines of what has been allowed in other countries for Pfizer and Moderna,” they added.

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