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Liberation is not all about freedom from the ruling power, country, or any law.

There are many social causes and traditions which are still there in the minds of people. There is a surfeit of factors which bounds a person. Liberation is the state of mind, which means that freeing ourselves from social worries and social controls. We see so many of the traditions which are entirely not in favor of social well being.

Life is all about learning things and choosing comfortable paths. And we people always busy doing some irrelevant stuff which doesn’t even give a direction to us. Sometimes we need to be antisocial for changing those customs. And our social culture calls a person mad if he or she be antisocial.

We just do things for the care of people and society. It directly leads to control situations. How can we liberal if we wouldn’t do whatever words we want. Someone controls us. You do what you want to.

You can’t be the one who is very specific about the society. Sometimes you need to be antisocial. If there is no liberation, one can’t be happy. End of the day, it would strive to the different causes, which would ultimately give you a negative impact or vibe in your life.

Traditions are okay if they are for the well being of every species residing in the universe. And following those traditions with a troubled mind wouldn’t lead to an oath. It would only give you stress and under control situations. You should try to avoid those traditions or customs which don’t provide any logic for the following.

One can feel the liberation by spending time alone in nature. Only nature gives you joy and life. The character tells you the truth if you hear or see such visions. You should give time to yourselves not for doing stuff but spending time for yourself to know the real liberation. And the real freedom comes from inside of your joyous feeling.

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