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SEBI is planning to reduce timelines for open and buyback offersNew Delhi: To reduce the overall time taken for the completion of open and buyback offers, markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has suggested changes in the timelines for procedural activities, including a lesser time period for tendering shares.The proposed changes would bring down the overall time taken for completion of open offers to 42 working days from the current 62 working days, while in the case of buyback offers, the time period will reduce to 36 working days from 43 working days at present.According to the regulator, the changes would be “investor-friendly and make the process more efficient”.In this regard, the watchdog has issued a consultation paper, and public comments have been sought on it till April 15.”Considering the technological advancements in digital and fin-tech and changes made in the manner of tendering and settlement of shares, a need was felt to review the overall timelines for procedural activities, including the duration of the tendering period, involved in the open offers and buy-back tender offers,” it said.Further, SEBI noted that the changes would also help conclude the offers in a more efficient and time-bound manner and to synchronise the timelines of similar activities across all the tender offers to the extent possible.Among other changes, the regulator has proposed the period for tendering shares in an open offer to 10 working days from the date of receiving comments from SEBI and would remain open for 5 working days.”Considering that the same is being proposed in case of open offers, we may implement the same in buyback offers also. Therefore, it is proposed that tendering period may remain open for five working days,” as per the consultation paper issued by it.

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