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The video is going viral on the internet.The internet is a repository of the cool stuff. Often, there are video which mesmerise the people or leave them awestruck.One such video making waves on the internet – literally – shows a massive sea wave touching clouds. Yes, you read it right. First, watch the video and then we will deep dive to explain the natural phenomenon behind this:Perfect wave touching the clouds..— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) May 3, 2022As seen in the nearly 40-second video, the wave, after reaching its crest, is seen brushing through the cloud-like formation, touching them gently and then coming down.This is an old video, which has resurfaced and has been shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter. The video has received nearly 7.50 lakh views. But, there is a catch.The video is real, but the “clouds” above are not. Those are actually the sea aerosol (SSA). The SSA is one of the most widely distributed natural aerosol.According to the website of National Library of Medicine of the United States government, SSA looks like clouds but is formed by the ocean mostly by ejection from bursting bubbles at the air-sea interface.The SSA is produced at the ocean surface and can be lofted into the upper troposphere, where they contribute to the global radiation budget, the website further said.According to Science Direct, SSA particles play an essential role in atmospheric chemical processes and the Earth’s radiative balance by altering cloud properties including albedo, lifetime, and extent, and directly by scattering solar radiation. SSA is studied in its freshly emitted state for accurate model calculations of climate impacts.Click for more trending news

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