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Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Hunter boots and a sale on Teccpo tools lead Saturday’s best deals.

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You’ve got movies to stream, video games to play, and shows to binge-watch. So why not do it all on this Sony 55″ LED 4K UHD Android TV?

This 4K TV is down to $520 for Best Buy Rewards members— which is free to join. Just make sure you’re logged in to your rewards account for the discount to appear.

Do you need to bring some energy and fun to your working space? Do you look at the desks of the fictional lo-fi hip hop characters whose playlists you depend on to get shit done with envy? (Or is that just me?)

If you want to treat yourself today, we’ve got some great deals on these Divoom Bluetooth speakers. These cute retro little speakers are customizable— you can change the pixel art to your own creation (using a supported app) or choose from the super fun designs already available.

Plus, you can set it to tell the weather or the time if you prefer a functional display. It’s even compatible with several social media platforms! It also has pixal art games and can serve as your alarm clock.

The best deal is if you snag the Divoom Tivoo Max in this bright candy red color for just $120.

For just $8 more, you can get it in classic black.

It’s not on sale, but it also comes in white for the full price of $190.

If these prices are still a bit much and you’re not attached to the retro mini-TV design, you can get an additional 10% off of the Divoom Timebox Evo right now by clipping the coupon under the price. This brings it down to a pretty reasonable $61.

Need a big chunk of storage that you can easily cart around with you anywhere? Right now, you can get Samsung’s T7 2TB portable SSD for $30 off, bringing the price down to $300. That’s still a hefty price tag, but if you need to carry all your big ol’ files with you, and need to make sure they’re safe on a reliable drive, the T7 is an excellent option that won’t hog up too much space on your desk or in your bag. It’s available in blue, black, and red, and also supports password protection if you like to keep things extra secure.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward on 11/2/2020 and updated with new information by Jordan McMahon on 3/5/2021.

If you’ve had your eye on the Beats Solo Pro headphones and don’t mind rocking the eye-catching light blue version, today is your lucky day. The full retail on these babies is $300, but for this weekend only, Best Buy is offering the light blue version for just $160.

Of course, these have all hovered a good chunk lower than full retail for a while now, but this is still $50-60 less than we have often seen ‘em in stock in recent months, and $10 cheaper than the previous low we saw last week. The dark blue and red versions are still $170 if you don’t mind paying a little more for style preference, and you can find those at the same link.

Now is your chance to listen to your music and podcasts in style and with active noise canceling for a better price—don’t miss it!

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your wrist, you should check out this Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band. Usually $119, we’ve received an exclusive code to bring the price down to around $60. It’s compatible with 44 or 42mm and has a steel clasp to keep it steady on your arm whenever you’re on runs or even to a nice date whenever outside is officially open. What are you waiting for?!

If you’re looking for a sale on some Beats, boy do I have the deal for you. The Powerbeats Pro earphones are down to $150 in red at Best Buy, 40% off the original list price. You’ll be able to wirelessly connect these bad boys to any device and you’ll be able to get up to nine hours of listening time, and can control the volume and audio controls from the actual earphones.

A good pair of headphones are more than a vessel for your favorite tunes. They can help your favorite hosts keep you company during a lonely shift, help keep you energized during your morning run, or just block out noisy neighbors so you can stay focused and do the dang thing. Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, packed with a range of features from noise cancellation to voice-assistant integration, all of which can help mold your experience to best suit your needs.

Bose’s 700 wireless headphones, which are down from $380 to $300 right now, packs noise-cancellation and 20 hours of battery life into a sleek body you won’t feel ashamed of plopping on your dome before getting to work. They also have voice and touch controls for easier on-the-go tune switching. Heads up, though: this discount is only for the Soapstone color option, though the silver and black headphones are discounted at a slightly lower rate if those are more your style.

Right, you can grab a pair of Boltune wireless earbuds for just $20 when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code KJXQKXX3 at checkout. That’s half off the list price. They’re true wireless headphones, have four mics for voice calls, and offer seven hours of continuous playtime along with several more charges within the case. Grab em’ before they’re gone.

Motorola’s budget phones are some of the best around, and right now the company is offering all of its brand new 2021 releases at a discount at Amazon—all unlocked models that you can use with any US carrier.

The Moto G Play is the cheapest of the bunch, offering a 3-day battery and 720p 6.5” screen for just $160, a $10 savings off the list price. The Moto G Power offers faster performance and a slightly larger screen for $230, or $20 off. And if you want a stylus for productivity needs, the Moto G Stylus gives you both a pop-out stylus and a larger, crisper 1080p screen, but the battery isn’t quite as robust. That model sells for $280, or $20 off the list price.

And if you want 5G speeds, the Motorola One 5G Ace will give you just that, along with a crisp 6.7” Full HD+ display, a triple-camera system, and improved performance. That’ll run you $380, or $20 off the list price.

I mentioned to a friend I was testing these; they had no idea that Yamaha made audio items like this. They thought the company was only keyboards. While yes, they have made/make great musical instruments, they’ve taken that commitment to quality to audio products. Specifically their new TW-E3A True Wireless Earbuds. These are currently $30 less and worth every penny.

First off, they paired perfectly and quickly with my phone. The sound is really clear, specifically when I was listening to my favorite podcasts. They are also very comfortable and stayed firmly in my ears as I trudged eleven blocks on errands in the snow. Unlike other less expensive earbuds, I absolutely see the difference in not having to fuss with finding the right position to get the most dynamic sound. The microphone was a little murky on the calls I made, but that could very well be on the cellular provider. I had these in for quite a few hours while writing, and again they’re extremely comfortable. I got a full steady five hours of playtime before I popped them back in their very pretty matte case. Yamaha boasts twenty-four hours of battery life off one charge, and I absolutely believe that given my experience. As with all earbuds, the “simple controls” take some time to get used to, but I can say these are a lot more responsive initially with a single tap. These are sweat and water-resistant, so don’t be afraid to take these to your next gym session.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Apple decided to forgo having a plug included in their new iPhone 12 line this year, for environmental reasons. However, in order to use their MagSafe charger effectively, one still needs to use a 20W charger, and any plugs you have had from Apple previously won’t fulfill that.

This is where the Anker Nano Charger comes in, where you can easily plug into your USB-C to Lightning Charger, or the MagSafe accessory, and reap the benefits of fast charging. It’s the smallest 20W charger and can be used with your fave Apple phones, or with Androids, up to you.

If you’ve been itching to up your audio game, or just need something to drown out the noise in your makeshift home office, consider Apple’s AirPods, which you can get for $120 on Amazon right now. That’s a $39 savings off the list price, and about $10 less than we’ve seen them lately at Amazon.

Want a case you can toss onto a wireless charging pad for an effortless power boost? The same AirPods with a wireless charging case are $150 right now, or $49 off the list price.

In either case, they’re incredibly portable, so you can carry them with you around the house, easy to pull out when you need to chat with someone, and they easily pair with all your Apple devices so you don’t have to keep futzing with Bluetooth settings all day.

And if you don’t mind paying a bit more, upgrade to the fancier AirPods Pro with active noise canceling, silicone tips, and a wireless charging case for $199 ($50 off).

I’ve had the pleasure of trying this out the last few days and can say it is, in fact, a great alternative to an Apple watch in many ways. If you don’t need many bells and whistles, the Aukey Smart Watch is a worthy entry into the category. It is currently 30% off and ready to make life a little easier.

The most significant feature I was impressed by is the battery. The company claims a twenty-day battery life. But even at that, I’m finding I only need to charge this once a week. Obviously, the less you have it sending alerts and doing extra work for you, the longer it’ll last. The display is vibrant, easy to read, and even looks a bit like that trendy watch all my friends have. It synched up with my phone seamlessly, and it was a breeze to get my texts sent too. This watch is compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, etc., so you can receive a variety of chat messages. Using this on runs and even just for errands was excellent to track steps, distance, and calories burnt. And if you are a super active person, there are twelve total modes for monitoring running, cycling, mountain climbing, to name a few. As with most of these, you can also look after your sleep patterns and real-time heart rate. And don’t worry about sweat ruining your pristine watch; it’s waterproof. Now the only very tiny grip is that everything reads in the metric system, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far at how much this watch can do. It’s not elite, but it certainly deserves consideration if you’re looking for a low-budget option.

It took Samsung a long time to shed its reputation for essentially copying Apple’s iPhones, but in recent years, the tech giant has become known more for boundary-pushing innovation. That said, when the original Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone—which opens up to reveal a large, tablet-sized screen within—was first launched, it was widely ridiculed. And when it was delayed after review units broke, well, that didn’t help.

Luckily, Samsung gave it another go, and last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has seen much better reviews than the original. The outer screen is much larger and more useful now, the whole thing feels more durable, and there’s no weird super-sized notch on the inner screen. It’s a true powerhouse of a smartphone at a truly wallet-decimating price of $2,000. Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote in his review:

“For anyone who has dreamed about tech that allows phones to do more, the Z Fold 2 is a pioneer of the post-phone era. The Z Fold 2 offers an experience unlike anything else on the market, so while that price might not make any logical sense, somehow it’s still not completely outlandish.”

If you’ve been waiting for a deal to ease that eye-popping price, Amazon has one: it’s currently $200 off in either Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black. That’s still $1,800 for a smartphone, which puts it well outside the reasonable range for most buyers, but if you can’t fight the FOMO… hey, 10% off is something. You’ll also get $100 off a pair of Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro in black if you buy ‘em at the same time as the phone.

Looking for a more compact foldable smartphone? Amazon is also taking $419 off the price of the non-5G model of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, which folds from a typical smartphone size into a pocket-friendly, wallet-like chunk. That one’s $963 for the unlocked Mirror Black version.

If you have a semi-recent iPhone or a higher-end Android phone, then it’s probably equipped for wireless charging, letting you top it up simply by placing the device on a charging pad or stand. While typically not as fast as plugging in a cable, it’s significantly more convenient, especially if you set your phone on the pad when sitting down to work, for example.

Whether you just got a new phone or haven’t yet tried out wireless charging on your handset, you can grab an Anker PowerWave wireless charging pad for just over $9 at Amazon, no coupon or code required. It supports the Qi charging standard used by the last few generations of iPhones, as well as phones from many of the top Android makers. It also works with wirelessly-chargeable earbuds cases, such as the AirPods Pro.

There’s a new season on the horizon, which means that it’s a perfect excuse for retailers to roll out big spring sales. Today, we’ve got one from Eneba, which features some major savings on PC games. We’re looking at some real heavy hitters here. For example, you can get the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn for $27 with the code ITSSPRINGAGAIN. That same code also brings the deluxe edition of Hitman 3 on Xbox down to $48 (hey, who let a console game in here!?). My personal favorite is Crusader Kings III for $21 after applying the code. While March probably isn’t bringing cause for celebration this year, at least we can get some good games out of it.

Folks, we love a big gaming sale. I simply love to see a bunch of video games discounted. I will click through as many pages of deals as you can throw at me. Best Buy’s the latest retailer to drop a massive sale on software, and it’s a good one. It includes plenty of major first-party games and even the elusive Nintendo discount. Allow me to walk you through some highlights. Marvel’s Avengers is 50% off at $30, which is good because the game’s Hawkeye DLC and next-gen upgrades are right around the corner. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is down to $25, and you’ll eventually be able to upgrade that to next-gen too. For Switch owners, take your pick, but I recommend Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The action game is down to $50. There’s plenty to gaze upon, so get to clicking.

Lets’a go! Super Mario 3D All-Stars is down to $50 at Best Buy today, a familiar price for anyone who grew up playing the games included in the collection. Back in 2002, I remember getting $50 from my mom so I could go to the mall and gleefully pick up a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. Then there was 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy, one of the first games I bought on my own when I went off to college. At the time $50 seemed like a real investment. Seeing that price tag on these classic games is kind of nostalgic, isn’t it? Okay, I’m reaching. It’s a little bizarre that the collection was $60 to begin with, but the price reduction here is a welcome one. Super Mario 3D All-Stars will literally vanish from shelves on March 31, so if you’ve been hoping for a discount, now might be the time to jump to it.

Do you ever look at your muscles and think “What if these were gigantic?” Do you dream of getting huge? Do you want to crush cans with your pecs? Well, okay, look, Ring Fit Adventure probably isn’t actually going to help with that, or at least not on its own. You’ll probably need a meticulous exercise routine, better diet, blah blah whatever, that sounds hard. But if you’re just looking for a steady and consistent way to stay healthy, Ring Fit is a surprisingly great option. Nintendo’s fitness RPG comes genuinely puts you through the ringer with a variety of exercises, from squats to planks. The game gets the most out of its unique ring-con accessory to make players feel the burn. From first hand experience, I can tell you its no joke. If you’re looking to try it out, Best Buy and Walmart have it down to $70, which is $10 off its usual price.

Been waiting for the right moment to grab Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Today might be the perfect time. Amazon currently has the game down to $30 on all consoles, which is about as low as we’ve seen it go since launch. It’s been a very busy couple of months considering all the hubbub with new consoles and Cyberpunk 2077, but Valhalla is definitely worth checking out. The latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed series casts you in the role of a Eivor, a ruthless Viking who’s all about chopping heads off. Seriously, you will chop like a thousand heads off in this game. It’s a lot of heads. If that sounds exciting, then this is the game for you.

Death Stranding was already a timely game when it came out in 2019, but like a fine wine, it only gets more existentially troubling with age. Hideo Kojima’s box moving epic paints a picture of a divided United States in the wake of a cataclysmic event that’s wiped out the population. Does that sounds like a nice piece of escapism in these trying times? If it does, the PlayStation 4 version of Death Stranding is currently $20 at GameStop. The game has been retailing for around $40 recently, so it’s an especially low price for a key title that’s not included in the PlayStation 5’s PS Plus Collection.

I hope you’re ready for a good cry, because Ori and the Will of the Wisps is $15 right now. Okay, that’s not the part that’s going to make you cry, unless you just love deals a lot. The game itself is extremely emotional with some genuinely tear-jerking story beats. If you’re not familiar with the original, Ori is a 2D platformer about a little creature frolicking through the woods (there’s a lot more lore than that, but I don’t have the time or space to get into it here). The sequel gives you a precious owl baby and proceeds to tear your heart out of your chest Mortal Kombat style in a quest to protect it. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a gorgeous and slick platformer with satisfying mobility and a deeply affecting story, so don’t forget it as you finish going through your 2020 catch-up backlog.

Okay, so you’ve bought a new Xbox. Now what? For starters, you’re going to want to get that sucker online. Xbox Live Gold lets you play multiplayer games like Destiny 2 online, gives you access to big deals, and throws an occasional free game your way. It’s a necessity for anyone looking to play Series X|S games online, so it’s the kind of service you’ll likely need sooner or later. Fortunately, you can get a full year of Xbox Live Gold at Newegg right now for $50 by using the code EMCETEU53 at checkout.

If you’re into total chaos and want to give it a try when it comes to gaming, you should check out Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, a looting adventure with tons of twists and turns. The graphics are amazing, and you’ll spend hours attempting to get to the next part of the wasteland while collecting scrap on the way. Available on Xbox One for $20, it’s a great price to try out something new! Don’t forget you’ll also get a free next-gen upgrade, but you’ll have to have the Xbox Series X due to the disc drive. Just make sure to get a copy before they’re all gone!

Newegg is the place to be when it comes to PC gaming sales. The retailer tends to roll out carte blanche game sales from time to time, and this week’s is full of heavy hitters. There’s a lot to go through, so here are some specific highlights. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition is 50% off, bringing it down to $30. Devil May Cry V is only $18, with its Deluxe Edition at $24. My personal pick here is Ghostrunner, last year’s best Cyberpunk game, which is down to $17. That’s only a tiny taste of what you can expect here, so jump on in and get to clicking so you can see what else is there.

Let’s get something straight: I’m not a Call of Duty person. It’s not even because of the complicated political aspects of the series either. I am just bad at it. Every time I try a demo for a Call of Duty game, I just do absolutely terrible. I am useless to any team I’m on and even worse as a lone wolf. This is to say that other people who are not me are very good at Call of Duty. If you’re one of those people, you can grab Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on sale for $45 over at the Microsoft Store (Xbox only, of course). The game’s cross-gen bundle is discounted too at $56, so you can get both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S optimized version of the game in one bundle. I will not see you on the battlefield.

There’s a random little video game sale happening at Amazon today and we can’t complain about that! An odd assortment of console games is on sale, with price up to 17% off. The obvious highlight here is the PlayStation 5 version of Devil May Cry V for $34, but there are some other niche highlights here too. Shark RPG Maneater is $34 on Xbox, which is a fun little deal. You can also grab Divinity Original Sin II: Definitive Edition on Xbox for $20 if you want to get really deep into an RPG this Spring. There are plenty of less obvious games discounted here, which makes this sale stand out among your usual sales with your Assassin’s Creeds.

LEGO builds can help keep the madness away during this extended pandemic quarantine, and if you’re on the hunt for a big one right now, here’s a great option: the 1,685-piece LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty is marked down $20 right now to $100. Also, the 1,767-piece LEGO Architecture Empire State Building is $13 off the list price at $117.

I love airtight storage containers not just for their ability to keep foods fresh, but also for the way they can help keep the kitchen looking more organized with the uniform look. But the thing is, they can be kind of pricey. That’s why today’s deal is one you should take advantage of!

Grab this set of Cheer Collection airtight food storage containers for just $29 right now at MorningSave. The 7-piece set includes decorative labels too!

If you’ve seen our deals at MorningSave and want to stock up on them, you can get a $5 monthly membership which gets you unlimited free shipping there as well as at SideDeal, Meh, and Mediocritee.

You’ve got to look out for yourself and your family, and this Apeman dashcam is one small way you can add peace of mind to the use of your car. This camera offers a front and rear view in 1080p, and is down to just $28 when you clip the additional 5% off coupon on Amazon below the price, and add coupon code FU95NO8W before checking out.

This cam is normally $40, so don’t miss out!

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 1/16/21 and was updated with new information on 3/6/21.

If you’ve got home improvement projects to take care of, Teccpo’s tools are up to 45% off today over at Amazon.

Probably the best deal is this TECCPO cordless drill set for $60. For that fantastic price, you get a brushless drill, two 20-volt batteries, a fast charger, a contractor bag, a belt clip, 32 driver bits, and a 60mm extension rod.

If you don’t need all of that but still have stuff to screw (you know what I mean), you can snag this smaller cordless screwdriver for just $20 right now.

Another great Teccpo deal is this compact mouse detail sander for $21, which includes 12 sandpaper pads to start.

While most deals are great for home improvement projects today, there’s also a deal on this TECCPO tire repair kit for just $19. You got tires to patch? You’re covered.

These tools are just a small sampling, so check out all the items on sale today right here.

Best Buy has an awesome sale on an AeroGarden Harvest right now. For a low $100, you’ll get a counter-sized greenhouse ready to grow your favorite herbs for cooking. It has a LED light to keep the sunshine and a system to remind you to water your plants. Apparently, the plants can grow five times faster and can reach up to 12″ in height.

You’ll also get a six-pod seed kit and some liquid plant food because they WILL get hungry and deserve the world if they are to live their best life and thrive. This is a great option for people who love cooking and use herbs all year, especially when it’s cold out. It’s $50 off the list price right now.

A rotary tool might be one of the handiest tools you keep around your home, as the versatile little device can be used for drilling, sanding, cutting, polishing, engraving, and more. Tacklife’s rotary tool kit is well-reviewed by Amazon customers (4.5 stars) and much cheaper than the brand name Dremel version.

Right now, it’s 50% off the list price—just $20—when you clip the coupon on the page and drop in promo code H4LWAVUG at checkout. This 32,000RPM rotary tool has an upgraded universal keyless drill chuck and ergonomic design, and comes with more than 100 accessories in the case, including four attachments. Whether for repairs or crafting, you could get a lot of use out of this affordable little tool.

Smart locks are mighty convenient. Not only will you rid yourselves of incessant key-fumbling, you’ll also be able to set up guest profiles and give everyone their own unique codes. The Eufy Smart Lock Touch is one of the most interesting takes on this concept, but before we talk about why, know that you can get one for $72 off the list price as an Amazon Deal of the Day.

So, this thing uses your fingerprint for entry alongside the traditional numerical code. Unlike many other smart locks, however, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch keeps all its information on local storage. In fact, there’s absolutely no Wi-Fi connectivity or remote control whatsoever. There is Bluetooth, however. That’s why it’s the perfect product for security paranoids. It’s also sleek, easy to install, and will withstand the daily elements with an IP65 rating.

If you entertain or did entertain a lot, there is no way you went through a dinner party without someone breaking a wine glass. Accidents happen, and there’s no reason for your guest or you to feel bad, especially when the glasses are cheap. Time to stock up even if a little boozy gathering with pals isn’t in the cards. You might be the clumsy one in your group of friends, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Today save $9 on this set of four steamless wine glasses from JoyJolt.

The shape is classy and elegant for all beverages, and them being stemless does/should reduce the risk of breaking them. They hold up to fifteen ounces, are dishwasher safe, and you get a one-year satisfaction guarantee. They are also a nice thing to gift if you do attend a small get together too. Who doesn’t need more drinkware when they are entertaining? These are a best-seller from Amazon for a reason.

Even if we weren’t in a global pandemic with constantly cleaning and wiping things down, I’d still recommend a giant box of Antibacterial Wipes. With a pack like this, you can literally use them on anything. You’re only paying $15, so this is a pretty great deal. Heck, I think I’m going to grab these myself.

540 wipes for just fifteen bucks is a steal; that’s something like three cents per wipe. With the six-packs, you can toss one in your bag, and in every room, you might need them. These are probably helpful if you’ve got kids, but I usually have them for my dog as he gets into everything when I take him to the park. These sheets are hypoallergenic and paraben-free so that they won’t dry your skin. They’re able to kill about 99.9% of bacteria as well. So outside of actual messes and accidents, these are just what you are looking for if you’re all about keeping things clean and sanitary. Surfaces, hands, paws, handles, boxes, whatever it may be. The multi-function aspect makes these a must-buy.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Ecovacs Deebot T8 | $450 | Amazon | Clip coupon + use code ECOVACST8

Ecovacs Deebot T8 | $450 | Amazon | Clip coupon + use code ECOVACST8
Image: Andrew Hayward

If you need a bit of help around the home right now, a robot vacuum can cut down on dust and grime while saving you the hassle of regular sweeping and mopping. This Ecovacs Deebot T8 model is well equipped on both fronts, sucking up dust and cleaning the floor behind it while avoiding objects, mapping your space, and running for up to 180 minutes on a full charge.

Right now, you can save $100 off the list price at Amazon by clipping the coupon on the page and using promo code ECOVACST8 at checkout. It has a stellar 4.4-star rating from Amazon customers, who praise its efficient cleaning and long battery life.

I’m a huge fan of Daelman’s. I got my first pack of these in a Try Treats box a few years ago, and they were amazing. This pack runs for $40 at Amazon, so this is a nice deal for upgrading the snack section of your pantry. Get $21 off while supplies last.

The individual packs are easy to toss in your bag, and they are only 120 calories on par with a granola bar. In this deal, you’ll get eight boxes each of tasty and satisfying Dutch caramel. This is a classic soft, bendy, and traditional treat straight from Holland you won’t regret grabbing. These sold out quickly last time, so we expect the same this go-round.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $5 too.

For a short time, you can get a case of Scott toilet paper for 50% off the original list price. Yes, that means you won’t run out like back in March when no one was buying food, but everyone was buying stuff to wipe their asses with. The case comes with 80 rolls for about $49, and each roll has 550 sheets of 2-ply! So really, your butt will be softly caressed for months to come. Hopefully, you have a place to put em.

Letting someone else worry about cleaning is a really great feeling, mopping and vacuuming are such tedious chores. If you have a lot of traffic in your home or even have a few pets, a robot vac can be a real game-changer. Right now at Samsung, take $250 off the Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum and pass the buck of scrubbing surfaces onto it.

This smart vac can figure out what type of floors you have and automatically adjust to that area’s needs. This means it can handle wood, carpet, rugs, tile, and everything in between. Where this device really shines is in its suction power which is twenty times stronger than previous models. The R7040 can run-up to an hour on a single charge and is compatible with Alexa. With FullView 2.0 Sensors, this vacuum knows the best path and avoids obstacles like dog toys or sneakers. Through the app, you can see where your new robo maid has cleaned too. As it connects with Wi-Fi, you can control this little sucker remotely right from your phone. Take one thing off your list and let the R7040 Robot Vacuum worry about the dust and the dirt.

Is your morning routine mundane? If you’re looking to mix things up with a tastier breakfast, a Crepe Maker may be just what you were looking for. This machine is more versatile than you might think, with a total savings of 42% off once you clip the coupon.

This handy little appliance will help you perfect not only crepes but pancakes too. Make beautiful twelve-inch treats every use. Easy to operate, it will actually tell you when it’s at the perfect temperature for what you’d like to create. That built-in indicator light helps take all the guessing out. Much like many simple pancake makers out, it’s essentially dummy-proof so that you won’t burn your morning treats. While it is called a “crepe maker,” you can absolutely use this to heat tortillas or even whip up roti, blintzes, dosa, and more. No worries if you get stuck on what you can make because this also comes with a cookbook with one hundred recipes to try. You’ll also get a wooden spatula and crepe spreader, making each dish a lot easy to concoct. As it’s non-stick, it’s easy to clean and care for. Plus, it’s compact and portable, so no problem needing room to store.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Want a handy household tool that also makes you feel cool as you wield lasers? Tacklife’s HD60 classic laser measure can do the trick. This handy tool has two built-in bubble levels for increased accuracy and measures distance (up to 60 meters) for household projects and repairs. It comes with a handy pouch, too.

Right now, it’s just $25 when you clip the coupon on the page and use code S8ELP7FJ at checkout. That’s a 34% savings for a tool that has a glowing 4.6-star rating from 4,400+ reviews, with one customer writing, “This so-called entry-level laser distance measuring device performs beyond my expectations.”

If you’ve been looking for a cute table lamp to round out your desk, look no further than the AUKEY USB-C RGB Dimmable Table Lamp. Only $21 with exclusive promo code KINJALTT8, you’ll be able to dim the light to your liking and change the color with a simple tap. It’s USB-C compatible and has a 2600mAh battery for continuous 48-hour use, which means you can also use it as a night light if you’re afraid of the dark.

We’re already in March and I can still barely believe it. And I’m sure April is going to be here as soon as I finally accept that it’s March. And if the song my kindergarten teacher taught us kids back in the day is to be believed, April showers bring May flowers (Thanks, Mrs. Reckley!).

There’s nothing worse than spending the day in soaked socks or when the hem of your pants gets wet and you just have to deal with it like a chump—so why not think ahead?

Get yourself a fabulous pair of Hunter boots before the rainy season starts over at Meh today for just $60— yes, you read that right. I’d grab a pair myself if I didn’t already have rainboots, with a price that good.

You can get them in matte navy or red for far less than Walmart ($131) or Amazon (varies, up to $150) sells this popular rainboot brand, so don’t miss out.

Finding the right jacket is no easy feat. Between all the different styles you can choose from, tricky fits, and high price tags, there’s a lot to think about before dropping a lot of cash on a coat. It won’t alleviate the woes of uncertain fits and nailing down the right jacket for your style, but a good deal can help make the decision a little easier. Through Sunday, you can get 20% off Huckberry’s flannel-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket, bringing it down to $192. It’s lined with flannel, so it’ll be extra cozy on chilly walks, and it looks stylish, too. Oh, and it’s available in nine colors, so take your pick.

No one ever said getting in shape was easy, but it can be affordable, as evidenced by this Eufy C1 smart scale deal. For $20 right now, you can start tracking your weight in a healthy way—from the comfort of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. That’s a 39% savings.

A bespoke companion app breaks down granular metrics including overall weight, percent body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. While not as accurate as Eufy’s P1 smart scale due to its less exact sensors, its results are equally comprehensive. Plus, one account supports up to 16 users, so even the biggest households can keep tabs on their fitness gains. And if you’re already invested in another app like Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit, you’ll be happy to know that the Eufy C1 smart scale is compatible with all three.

Upgrade to the Eufy Smart Scale P1, which offers two additional measurements and has an ITO coating for increased precision, for $30 right now (33% off).

Whether you’re with someone(s) or not, you should take a day just for yourself. Adam & Eve is running a sale for some weekend fun. Take 25% off your goodie basket just use the code EROTICA. There so many products to pick from, so you’re sure to find just what you need.

Now, my favorite Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit rarely goes on sale but the code works with this. This vibe is possibly my gold standard now; I will judge all other toys against it. Honestly, most will be found lacking. The Thrusting Rabbit from Calexotics is just out of this world. It also arrives in this gorgeous white retro box. The silicone is plush and soothing. Each trust has perfect precision. There are three speeds, and it’s super easy to control with the buttons even in the most intense session. The little bunny ears have seven vibrations, and you can choose to use them or not. This vibe gives me some of the most robust experiences I’ve ever had with a toy. I’ve tested many of these for you all, so it’s not often I’m literally and figuratively shook. If you want to upgrade, this is the ultimate upgrade. I do recommend lube and going slow at first. I was not expecting this to be so powerful. Very pleasantly surprised though.

Speaking of lube, Wicked’s Aqua Waterbased Lubricant was included with a toy I reviewed last year. It’s not left my nightstand since. Wicked is, hands down, my number one. It’s unbelievably silky and so slick on everything. It’s absolutely safe on your toys, your condoms, you, and your partner. There is zero scent, and it lasts; oh boy, does it last. The best is it’s in a super discreet and all black bottle, so no reason to hide it. I guarantee this will be your go-to once you try it.

You’ll also get free shipping.

Nothing is more classic or comfortable than a crewneck sweatshirt, and I’ve had many of these over the years. I’m currently in one I swiped from a pal’s house while I was cat-sitting a few years ago. For me, a petite woman, I love an oversized sweatshirt and feel so cozy. Take 11% off Nike’s Fleece Crew Sweatshirt today, and I’d suggest grabbing a few while sizes last. This sale will run until Sunday.

There are thirteen hues currently available, and you can go traditional with heather gray or for a pop of color with electro orange. These are extremely soft and made with brushed-back fleece. And, of course, it’s adorned with the iconic Nike logo, which is embroidered. These crewnecks are pretty standard fit and true to size, but if you went a little bigger for lounging, that’s not a terrible idea. They’re a polyester/cotton blend and can just be tossed in a washing machine to clean.

Orders over $25 ship for free.

It’s practically Friday, so go ahead and treat yourself to a little goodie. You deserve a gift after surviving another stressful week. Let Ella Paradis help you have a relaxing weekend with this Better Love Pixie Wand Massager. It’s only $35 and a great way to engage in some self-care.

The Pixie Wand is here to help you conjure a little lady magic. It has ten settings and is very user-friendly. It’s also compact enough to take on adventures if you’re in the mood for sexy travel. While this wand is great for solo play, it can absolutely be fun with a significant other too. It’s waterproof, easy to charge, and made from plush body-safe silicone. This is an enchanting vibe indeed.

Free shipping on all orders over $50.

There’s no shame in taking time for yourself. It’s still pretty stressful out there, so anything you do to relax is welcome. This Self Care Bundle from Blume can help get you started on a tranquil path. Take 25% off this gift set of some of their best-selling products.

I’ve been starting my day with the Daydreamer Face Wash and was surprised at how light it is. It’s super viscous, which means you don’t need a lot, and it covers your face evenly. There is no discernable scent, which is great if you’re averse to strong smells. I was pleasantly surprised with how refreshing this was. Next, there is the Meltdown Acne Oil, perfect for soothing and helping clear problem breakouts. This is a great product to have on hand when you have an unexpected zit pop up. I definitely saw a difference in a few days after spot treating. And last, we have the Hug Me Natural Deodorant. My issue with natural deodorants is they usually don’t hold up over the course of a busy day, but I have to say this one was much better than I expected. Again no real scent, which was nice because sometimes deodorants can be overwhelming. I don’t know if I’d run a few miles with this, but I can say if you’re looking for something that glides on beautifully and will keep you protected on the day-to-day, this isn’t a bad option. All these products are free of the nasty ingredients we’ve hoped to eliminated from our beauty routines like aluminum, parabens, and drying alcohols. The perfect balance of natural ingredients has created not only quality items from Blume but reliable ones too.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Disney adults are insufferable with their devotions; I can say that because I am one. And now that the house of mouse owns so many fandoms, there aren’t many who can’t find something they like under the corporate umbrella. Take up to 40% off select fashions from classic Disney to Marvel to Star Wars to Pixar.

I can’t be the only one who will live in a sweatshirt all year. A crisp night to rock a cute hoodie is welcome no matter the season. I’m digging this Grogu Spirit Jersey; it’s down to just $40 and perfect for a chilly spring/summer evening. Nothing beats a zip-up hoodie to throw on for errands or sleepy mornings. Marvel fans can grab this stylish and comfy logo one for just $23. I still use a backpack when I got out for a run or to the grocery store. This Disney Dogs one ($24) is pretty adorable and sparkles in pink. It’s adorned with all your favorite Disney canines from Lady to Bolt. There’s a ton of stuff in this sale, so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect accessory to feed your fandom.

Free shipping on orders over $75.

Our pals at Bellesa want to celebrate both Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day with a sitewide sale. Until March 9, take 20% off anything. Honor yourself of your favorite lady with the gift of Bellesa. They’re also donating 5% of their sales to RAINN, which created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

If you need help picking something new, the Diskreet Vibe is the companion piece to the Diskreet Air (one of my favorite toys). This vibe sizes down the tech of the Aurora and Dea but not the potency. They somehow managed to get all that in just a 3.5” diameter toy. Choose how you want to groove with the multiple sides; there are options. This clitoral vibrator is just as cute as the above Air in its beautiful baby blue clamshell case. Both of these cases look like compacts and fit snuggling in your purse. They’re USB charged and waterproof too.

Bellesa has a ton of new merch, and it’s all included in the sale. Each of their sweatshirts is a classic unisex fit but still pre-shrunk. So if you prefer yours to be big and comfy, size up, they’re a poly/cotton blend and with that traditional look, cinched at the cuffs and hem with the collar a bit loose. “Braless & Flawless” is the biggest hit so far. I’m partial to “Hydrate & Masturbate,” a true life lesson to follow every day, in my opinion. There are a few styles to pick from, plus they are sending out really adorable sticker sheets that match with each order.

All orders over $29 ship for free.

Moisturize your lips while getting a holographic shine with Huda Beauty Silk Hydrating Lip Balm. Only $21, it has soybean and licorice extracts to really give you a non-sticky sheen and hyaluronic acid to keep your lips from cracking when exposed to the dry air of fall and winter. What are you waiting for?

Winter is here, just like the Starks said. A good way to prevent chapped lips is to get a lip balm that really works. From personal experience, Jack Black Lip Balm is the truth. It has a natural mint flavor that gives you a satisfying tingle when applied and will last for the majority of the day without having to re-apply. Plus, a three-pack is $22, which is on the more expensive side, but I promise you won’t use the other two for at LEAST a couple of months. Think of it as an investment against ashy lips.

We see a lot of video game art books, but they’re usually reserved for beautiful modern games. These tend to be full of elaborate concept art or breathtaking landscapes. This Final Fantasy art book is much different. FF Dot: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy captures the sprite work from the old games, treating old-school sprites with the respect they deserve. For fans of retro gaming, it’s a 280 page treasure trove that celebrates limitation. You can grab a copy for just $14, so put this on your coffee table next to your Art of Last of Us Part II book and see which one your guests open first. I know which one I’d pick up.

The Last of Us Part II may have been a divisive game in 2020, but it’s hard to deny that it’s a technical marvel. The environments are richly detailed and the game features some of the most impressive interior spaces to grace gaming. If you want to revisit the world of Last of Us 2 without the trauma, you can currently grab the game’s official art book for $45. It’s the deluxe edition as well, which includes the 200-page book, a slipcase, and a lovely lithograph. Perhaps the best way to experience the game is through its art book, filled with lovely images of scenic Wyoming.

I’m not above doing things as a bit. I love to make elaborate jokes that are so rooted in irony that they pop out the other side and become sincere. One time, I bought the WWE Cookbook and planned to Julie & Julia my way through the whole thing (I think I got one recipe in before packing it in). In the same vein, you can grab the official World of Warcraft cookbook on sale for $31 today. This book contains over 100 legitimate recipes that are inspired by Azeroth and range in complexity. It also comes with a reversible apron, which is honestly kind of lit, I can’t lie. Pick this bundle up as a goof and accidentally discover the joys of cooking in a very sincere way.




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If you’re looking for an affordable phone that is ready to take advantage of 5G speeds, there’s no smarter option right now than the Google Pixel 4a 5G. This unlocked Android 11 handset is smooth and responsive and works with all of the US carriers, has an excellent dual-camera setup on the back, a crisp 6.2” AMOLED screen, and a long-lasting battery.

It’s already a great deal at the list price of $499, but Amazon is currently slashing $50 off the list price. Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford called the Pixel 4a 5G “hands down the best $500 phone” in his review last fall, and I can echo that sentiment from my own experience with the handset and other recent phones. It’s a super sensible 5G pick, especially at $449.

I’m usually skeptical of “gamer” computer accessories, but I can’t lie to you: this is actually kind of slick. You can grab this very colorful Aukey mechanical gaming keyboard for $45 at Amazon by using the code KINJAG16. While its red case is probably the most eye-catching thing about this, it’s not the only feature worth looking at. It’s also an RGB backlit keyboard with 18 lighting presets, key customization options, anti-ghosting, and much more. If you’re in the market for a new mechanical keyboard and red happens to be your color, it’s a match made in gamer heaven.

ExpressVPN is one of the best-reviewed virtual private network (VPN) services around, called out as the top service by publications such as CNET, TechRadar, and Tom’s Guide. Whether you want a VPN for anonymizing your internet connection to evade potential snoopers, or want the ability to get around regional restrictions imposed by websites and content services, ExpressVPN is one of your best options.

Right now, you can snag a full year of ExpressVPN service for $100, which is 35% off the usual month-to-month price. ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers around the world to route your connection through, including servers in 160 locations across 94 different countries. You can use up to five simultaneous devices via ExpressVPN, too, and they keep no activity or connection logs. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, too, in case it doesn’t meet your needs.

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