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While it’s slightly earlier than the usual August time slot, Samsung has unfolded all the details about its latest folding phones, officially announcing the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. While they might look similar to last year’s models, there are some differences for both options.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Credit: Sachin Bahal

Starting with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the phone shares a familiar design with last year’s Z Fold 5, including its fold-flat hinge design. But when you pick up the Fold 6, the first thing users will notice is how much lighter it is, thanks to the new aluminum frame. The phone is 239g compared to 256g for the Fold 5.

Another key difference is that the Fold 6 now has IP48 water and dust resistance, compared to IPX8 on previous Fold models. The 4 signifies it is slightly effective against dust and the 8 means it can withstand 3 feet of water.

The folding AMOLED screen on the Z Fold 6 is still 7.6 inches large, but Samsung has shrunken the bezels around the screen to make them less noticeable. New for this year is the slightly larger 6.3-inch Cover Display (also AMOLED), which should make it easier to use the phone without needing the larger main display.

Powering the Z Fold 6 is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy chip along with 12GB of RAM, which should be enough power for video editing and demanding games. Storage options include 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The battery in the Fold 6 is still 4,400 mAh with 25W Super Fast Wired charging and 15W wireless charging.

For cameras, the Fold 6 has a 50MP primary wide lens, 12MP Ultra Wide and 10MP telephoto, which is identical to the Fold 5. There’s also a 4MP under-display camera and a 10MP camera on the Cover Display. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be available in a few colors, including Navy, Pink, and Silver Shadow.

You can pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 6 now, and it’ll launch on July 24th.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

For the Flip 6, there’s not too many changes, so the phone is more a refinement from the Flip 5. The AMOLED main folding screen is 6.7 inches and the Flex Window is 3.4 inches.

Powering the Flip 6 is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy processor with 12GB of RAM, so it’s as powerful as the Fold 6. The battery in the Flip 6 is now 4,000 mAh compared to 3,700 mAh in the Flip 5, so you should expect better battery life this time around. Just like the Fold 6, the Flip 6 is IP48 water and dust-resistant, so no need to be super careful with your phone.

On the camera side, the Flip 6 gets a new 50MP wide-angle lens (compared to 12MP before) but the phone still retains the 12MP ultrawide lens. There’s also a 10MP selfie camera. Storage options for the Flip 6 include 256GB and 512GB. Some color options for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 include Silver Shadow, Blue, Mint, and Yellow.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 start today, and it’ll launch on July 24th.

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