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Sahib Singh is pictured wearing a patka – the turban worn by boys in the Sikh community.British luxury brand Burberry released its new Children’s Autumn-Winter 2022 campaign on Tuesday and already it’s been met with immense praise from the Indian community as it stars four-year-old Sahib Singh – the brand’s first-ever Sikh model to feature in a children’s campaign. Taking to Instagram, Burberry shared its back-to-school designs. In the image, the four-year-old can be seen dressed in a padded puffer jacket with a matching cardigan, shorts and T-shirt. Singh is also pictured wearing a patka – the turban worn by boys in the Sikh community – which is most definitely a first for the British heritage brand. Take a look at the post below: The picture immediately became a hit on social media. It received an outpouring amount of support and comments from members of the Indian community. “Sada nikka sher representing got me smiling ear to ear,” wrote one user. “Whomever was in charge of the recent campaigns, give them a raise! This is how to execute diversity inclusion. No fuss, no melodramatic we’re in your corner cringe,” added another. “Wow wow Singh Is King,” said third, while a fourth commented, “stopppp this is so cute! i’m so so thrilled to see sikh/punjabi representation, especially of a child, from a high fashion brand like burberry! this is incredible!” Viral Video | Little Boy Dances After Falling Off Bike, Internet Calls Him A “Rockstar”Singh’s parents, who handle his social media accounts, also shared behind the scene (BTS) videos and images from the shoot. “He had so much fun at this shoot and we really loved meeting everyone on set,” they wrote in the caption.They added that being a part of the Burberry campaign is “incredible” and to be the “first patka wearing model for the biggest brand is just an amazing achievement for our little 4-year-old and the Sikh community”. In a separate post, the parents said that they couldn’t hold back their tears to see their son recognised by this iconic brand. They acknowledged that people might have negative and positive things to say about them, however, they also added that they just want their kids to know that they don’t have to stick to traditions and that sky is the limit. Click for more trending news

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