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Rock Or Alligator? Viral Video Stuns Internet 1
The video is going viral online.The earth was once ruled by enormous creatures that were both larger and more dangerous than the massive animals of the present time. Now a video of a large animal is going viral on social media, after which social media users are perplexed as to whether it is an animal or a rock formation.In this video, a giant alligator-shaped structure is visible under a big rock. By the way, it looks like a complete alligator, but it has turned into rock. In such a situation, people are confused about whether it is a stone in the shape of an alligator or the real alligator of the dinosaur era, which has now become stone.Whether this is an animal or a rock formation is unclear from the video, but social media users are incredibly perplexed about it.Watch the video here: Strange rock formation or prehistoric gator?— Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) December 30, 2022The video has received over 18 million views and more than 145,000 likes on social media platforms.”The camera position and the perspective from which the video was taken make it so hard to judge the size of it. From my point of view, whoever is recording is standing on top of a cliff filming the opposite cliff, right?” wrote one user.”I’m thinking fossil gator.Without knowing what the chemical composition of those rocks is, it’s hard to verify from a distance, but if they are sedimentary rocks, replaced by silica, it could be a real fossil, and it would be awesome. Ever been two petrified forest,” commented another user.”This, right at the beginning, looks like a fence/gate post. The “trees” look like shrubs. This looks like a regular gator or croc sitting next to an embankment with some muddy rivulets running by it and a forced perspective,” wrote a third user.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayWatch: Rhino Chases Tourists For 3 km In Assam National Park

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