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I born in really rich and wealthy dad was  professional boxer .i born in boxing dad ,grandpa and uncle, everybody was boxer and they always train together in home.they starts to teach me boxing from childhood.everyday i woke uo early in th e morning at the age of 4 and i go to run in fields with my dad and my dog name was khoji..lolz…. after 2 years i starts to sparr with my cousins and at the age of 7 i done my first fight…my first fight…..waoooo…i still remember that scene in my mind that scene is still fresh in my mind…i lost my first fight . my dad was my motivation.he never let me give upp..i lost first 12 fights of  my career haha…but no problrm still working hard the age of 9 atlast i won some fights and finally i qualify for kids national games..and i won gold medal in that natonal games and i starts to love boxing after that…boxing gloves ,shoes ,handwraps were my toys and my happiness…morning i went to school for my study but i always put my gloves in my bag just to  remind myslf thati am not a normal person i amnot like other kids who wants to play always with each other or something like that…i was different,i was change ,,i never like to talk with someone.,nevr like to make friends,,whole day wait for the time to train….


wake up in the morning at 5 30am and go for running ,back to the training room ,hit some bag….go to take shower and then strt to eat breakfast ,then getting ready to go to the school…2;30pm back from school and strtmy homework…7pm starts to train with my dad and my uncle….everybody teach me so gud and trying to make me real champ…


at the age of 9 i won national boxing championship..continuesly 3 years national boxing champion…helll….that time was the best time i starts to get fame at the at age of 12 ..boxing federation offers me to go to their federation training headquater to train with the team. my dad sent me there for 3 months.those days was my summer vaction and i got 3 month holidays from my school..i learnt alot at that age from different professional coaches..every year i got national champonship gold the age of 14 i got chance  to fight in kick boxing .that fight was a kind of challenge fght bcz i never fight before in boxing but i knock that guy out in 50 seconds. after that wushu sanda federation offers me to fight for them and i accept that offer and i went sanda federation for sanda training takes me  6 months to get ready for next sanda competition…i changed my school and my city just because of training and i was living alone in that age lolz….without family…..i fought for wushu sanda federtion 6 months,,, at amatuer level and i won 25 fights and 5 loss ……..damnnnnn…iwas so emotional brave  and powerful kid who really  wants to fight

everyfriday night my dad send me to one amature agym for fight..i was used too to fight every week…it was not a big deal for me to fight after that sanda federation gives me chance to fight at professional level.i waskid but i was fighting vs 19 20 years old fighters and i won 4 fights and federation send me for some business fights for earning some good money… that age i got alooot fame aloot money ….but still iwas hapy to live alone..happy to live without friends happy tio live without gathering..i fought against alot countries and  after that i applied for national team andi got selected…and my all edals and ecord i gave to my national team name and spots board and federation ….because of those medals and record national team got higher level in world ranking..i played alot and i was damn rich at that time with professional and amature record…..i went to different countries for fight.



.then suddenly i got a big change in my life and my career..evry person when he is at greatest level in his life he must fall down once  just to learn  what is real the same thing happened with me and i fought vs india and that fight was a hellllll… scary so bloody..amd that was real fucking pro boxing match of 12 rounds..and i got injury in my head..i won that fight but i lost my memory for 9 months..i was in koma for 9 months and after 9 months i really dont  know myself even that who i am..what m doing,,wher i am..i lost 35 kg bcz of bleeding and sickness etc ..taht was really painfull and hard time in life .it was really hard for me to walk…that day my dad step into my room and starts to talk with me…….

u know whattt…..maybe u forgot urself , me family, team and everything,..but i dont want to force u ri8 now bcz i know that one day u gonns be ok  …i just came here to tell u that i am ur dad ,ur coach, and u r real fighter…u r boxer…my dad actually wants to make me feel that i m fighter thats it,,…..i believe untill now that my dad is a real warrior ..after that day i even forgot my name but just one thing was in my mind that i am fighter  i am boxer….evryday he come to my room and he hold me hand and he said listen and just try to remembertry to memorize this that this is jab this is cross punch..etc etc  nd i was happy to do those things at the bed ..those days my dad business was really  downbcz of some problems with clients and business partners etc…i strts to fell better and i strt to walk slow slow and strt to rmember all old stuff and  aafter soem days i was in my normal daily routine and  i gained alot of wieght..

but family was in really bad condition…i wants to help out family but my promoter dont want to give me fight bcz of my health condition.i join my college again to strt my study also abut money was not that much enough to pay dues..i spend alot of my saving and other money at treatment etc …i need money those days but some of my money was with sports board..i wrote application to director of sports board.and they said that they need some time to give me my money back…that time i just strt coaching and strt to teach people.and earn some money .i starts some small part time job secretly as welll..e.g waiter in resturant, dish washer etc…….bcz that was hard time …i know i was a gr8 champ and i was fucking rich like a hell……but nooooooo this time is to work hard….and finally i save some good amount of money and i opened my own gym haha..i wa soo happy that day ..slow slow i got aloooot aloot of members and i strt to make some real champs..i made alot of national and international champion that year and alot of pro fights they strts to join me…another side i found one promoter who heps me to arrange bare knuckle fight …which was illegal in my country but i sign up for that bcz they was giving me really good money which can help my famiy to get better…after that fight my family condition starts to get better but my condition was getting bad n bad day by day..i won that fight but after that fight my liver was badly injured and my head starts to bleed again and haed was injured from inside soooo bad….and it effect my whole life until now..i got really big and bad injury in my head …still now if  move harder ,or somebody hit me harder in my head or i try to think about something or i strt to cry …i just lost my memory at that time…and i started to feel scared.bcz of that injury alot of times i lost myself at the roads and different places and people thought that i am crazy or maybe m drunk..lolz nobody wants to help me..and sometimes when i tried to talk wihh somene they even tret me so baad and beat me sometimes…..waoooooo….its hardest part of my life,,….whatever i am fighter … am champ…real champ..innever give up.. i am going to fight until world championship title..i am goig to get that ..i know this.. need my fam. my money my respect back..and i know i need to work hard…in this pain………..butttt……….need to wait need to work hard like a chaamp………


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