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Actor Rahul Khanna might be selective with the movies he does, but even his limited presence on screen has managed to win him a large set of ardent admirers. In addition to his acting, the Wake Up Sid actor is popular for his aesthetic photos and smart writing. And on his Instagram account, we get to see a bit of both. From stunning pictures to witty captions – he offers it all. And if you are a foodie, we recommend you keep an eye on those special posts featuring the yummiest of recipes and some mouth-watering images. The actor is serious about his fitness and is, therefore, meticulous with the choice of ingredients that go into his food. His strong sense of aesthetics ensures that the plating of the food is the best you will see.Giving us a glimpse of this, Rahul recently shared a picture of his healthy and delicious breakfast on his Instagram Stories. For his first meal, the actor made some scrambled eggs as a healthy choice for protein and enjoyed it with a giant cup of coffee. On his plate, we also spotted some mouth-watering mushroom rice, which was left over from the previous day. He also added a side of avocado and arugula salad. Given the heavy breakfast, Rahul’s plan is to ditch lunch for the day.He captioned his Instagram Stories as, “Yup, gonna skip lunch!” And we don’t blame him because that looks like a spread worth skipping a meal for.If you are impressed with Rahul’s breakfast and want to recreate it, we recommend that you begin with this fun mushroom recipe.Rahul’s breakfast plate usually involves high protein foods such as eggs, as well as a mix of greens. He makes sure to have a cup of coffee to give a great kick start to the day. Previously, the actor had shared that he loves gorging on Frittatas from breakfast. In case that inspired you to try your hand at making Frittatas, we have a fun desi recipe for you. We have also seen him enjoying a sandwich topped with scrambled eggs and filled with loads of goodies that we wish we could have taken a look at. He paired it with some slices of cucumber and a cup of coffee.  Here are some other photos from Rahul’s breakfast diaries:   Tell us which of his breakfasts you are trying out next.

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