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Rahul Gandhi said he feels some changes in his personality during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.Indore: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said he feels some changes in his personality during the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra, including more patience and the ability to listen to others.Rahul Gandhi arrived in Indore in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday after covering a distance of more than 2,000 km as part of his ambitious foot march, a mass contact initiative which he started on September 7 from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.Asked about his most satisfying moment during the yatra, Rahul Gandhi told reporters on Monday, “There are many, but I instantly recall a few interesting ones, including that my patience has dramatically increased because of the yatra.””Secondly, now I don’t get irritated even for eight hours, if someone pushes or pulls me. It doesn’t affect me, whereas earlier I used to get irritated even in two hours,” he said.”If you are walking in the yatra and experience pain, then you have to face it, you can’t just give up,” the former Congress president said.He said thirdly, his “ability to listen to others has also become better now”.”Like if someone comes to me, I listen more to him. I feel all these things are quite beneficial for me,” he said.Rahul Gandhi also said when he started the foot march, he felt a pain in his knees because of an old injury which was cured earlier.There was a lot of discomfort because of it, he said, adding there was a fear whether he would be able to walk or not in such a condition.”But, gradually I faced that fear as I had to walk, there was no question about it. Such moments are always good that something is disturbing you and you got adapt to it,” he said.Recalling an experience during the foot march in one of the southern states, Rahul Gandhi said when he got disturbed because of the pain as people kept pushing him, a little girl came and started walking in the yatra.”She came to me and handed over a letter. She was probably six-seven years’ old. When she left, I read the letter which said ‘don’t think you are walking alone, I am walking with you. I am unable to walk as my parents are not allowing me to do so, but I am walking with you’.” Rahul Gandhi appreciated the girl’s gesture.”Like this, I can share thousands of examples, but this came to my mind first,” he added. Featured Video Of The DayBattle For States: Can AAP Be A National Challenger To The BJP?

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