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Protein-rich flour made from powdered chana, Sattu is one of the most indigenous protein sources of India. First restricted to only a few states, Sattu is now in almost every grocery store. Sattu recently joined the list of superfoods and for good reason! It is the perfect ingredient to amp up your protein intake without breaking your bank. If budget-friendly protein options are what you’re looking for, then Sattu is your holy grail. It is a powerhouse of nutrients and will energise you for a longer period of time.Why Should You Be Consuming Sattu | Health Benefits Of Sattu:Weight loss: Try this sattu share to rev up your protein intakeSattu is high in fibre and, hence, packed with essential nutrients. It provides relief in summers by acting as a cooling agent and protecting us from heatstroke. It is high in fibre, and aids in digestion and maintaining cholesterol, but most importantly, for every 100 grams of Sattu, you will get a least 20 grams of protein. A high protein count means it will keep you full for a longer time so that you binge less on other fattening foods — ultimately, helps in weight management. In short, this superfood is a gut-friendly, nutritious and protein-rich way to replenish your body and is quite helpful in weight loss.Sattu Shake Recipe:You can have this healthy drink any time in the day on an empty stomach. Make sure you consume it in a thin consistency so as not to upset your digestion due to its heavy ingredients. Sattu shake is extremely easy to make and is absolutely delicious. You can drink it on a daily basis to moderate your protein intake, after workouts to energise yourself and during summers to cool your body heat down. You can of course add it to your weight loss diet for better results.How To Make Sattu PowderSattu is nothing but gram (chana) flour. If you are unable to find it In the market, you can just as easily whip up your own Sattu powder. Start off by roasting your chana in a pan. You may or may not remove the outer covering. Cool it completely and grind it into fine powder. That is literally what it takes!(Also Read: Summer Diet Tips: This ‘Sattu Ka Sharbat’ Pre-Mix Can Make Your Breakfast Quick, Easy And Protein-Rich)The Ingredients Required To Make One Glass Of Sattu Protein Shake Are:2 Tb Sattu Powder1 Tsp Roasted cumin powder1 Glass of water1 Tsp Lemon juiceMint LeavesA pinch of saltMethod:Add your Sattu powder in a glass with cumin powder and salt.Put in your mint leaves and lemon juice for some additional taste.Pour in your water, chilled or room temperature and give it in a nice whirl.Just like that, you have your protein shake all ready to be consumed. Some people substitute the savoury Sattu drink for a sweet one using sugar or jaggery. You can even make a milkshake out of it if you fancy one. But the easiest and healthiest way to drink your protein is to drink it the savoury way. This drink is so nutritious that it is even called the more inexpensive version of Whey Protein Shakes.

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