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If you go through social media for a long time, you come across many people who share their weight loss journey and their diet. Many of us feel inspired by such videos, and some of us wonder why we cannot lose weight after all the dieting and exercising. Well, to understand that, one needs to be aware of their body and metabolism. So, even if it takes time to lose weight, make it your goal to stay fit and eat healthy. As we diet, we come across many recipes that include low-calorie foods or ‘superfoods; there are also certain ingredients in these recipes that might or might not be available in our homes. But fret not; we have many low-calorie recipes for you to enjoy, and one such recipe includes a tarbuz (watermelon) moth bean salad.(Also Read: 11 Desi Recipes To Try For Weight Loss Diet – For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner)Watermelon is known to be low in calories and helps you keep hydrated. Some of the known benefits of this delicious fruit are that it improves heart health, good for skin and hair, and it aids to improve digestion. While moth bean is known to be rich in many vital nutrients and can help in weight loss, regulate bowel movement and reduce stress.Watermelon is known to be low in calories and helps you keep hydratedWith these numerous benefits of watermelon and moth bean, food vlogger Jytoi Dalmia prepared a nutritious salad that will help you in weight loss and weight management, plus you would love to relish this tasty salad.Here Is The Recipe For Tarbuz and Moth Bean Salad | Tarbuz and Moth Bean Salad Recipe:To make this salad, you would need mint leaves, basil leaves, honey, roasted cumin powder, red chilli flakes and salt according to taste. Crush these together so that all the flavours combine.(Also Read: 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm As Per Nutritionist’s Viral Video)Then take a big bowl and add chopped watermelon, moth beans, and roasted peanuts and pour the dressing from the top. Mix these together. Now all you need to do is enjoy this salad whenever hungry!Watch the full recipe video of this tarbuz and moth bean salad here:Make this easy salad at your home, and let us know how you liked it!

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