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"Possibility Of Terrorist Attacks In The Country Cannot Be Ignored": Army Chief 1
He was speaking after inaugurating the All India Police Commando Competition.Gurugram: Army chief General Manoj Pande on Tuesday said India will continue to face terrorism and internal security challenges in the future, and the security forces of the country will “unitedly” tackle them.He was speaking after inaugurating the All India Police Commando Competition, organised by the federal contingency force National Security Guard (NSG) at its garrison in Manesar here.General Pande said new-age technology has enabled the enemy to perpetrate its activities using drones, internet, cyberspace, and social media.”You all know that terrorism and internal security situation is affecting our country in different ways. We are facing these challenges unitedly. Due to this, the (security) situation is improving in various states. These challenges will continue in the future, too. Some of these challenges will be there for a long time, some will be present indirectly while some will remain secretly”, he said.General Pande said the “possibility” of terrorist attacks taking place in the country cannot be ignored, as he praised intelligence and security forces for foiling and thwarting a number of such designs and networks.He praised the NSG, a federal counter-terrorist force, for developing special skills in bomb detection and disposal, sniping, countering drones, as well as effectively coordinating with other security agencies.A total of 24 teams from various Central Armed Police Forces and state police organisations are participating in the competition that ends on March 31. (This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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