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The post has garnered nearly 41,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments.A picture of a pillion rider working on his laptop in the middle of the flyover has gone viral on the internet. LinkedIn user Harshmeet Singh shared the picture a week ago and informed that the incident took place in Bangalore at 11 in the night. In the caption, he also spoke about toxic work culture, and further went on to urge bosses to rethink pressuring employees to meet deadlines at the cost of their own safety. Take a look at the post below: “11pm, Bangalore – One of the busiest flyovers in the city, and here is a pillion rider working on his laptop. If you as a Boss have been able to terrorize your colleagues to meet the deadline at the cost of their own safety, it is time for you to think again,” Mr Singh wrote in the caption. He added, “Let’s use the phrase ‘IT’S URGENT’ and ‘DO IT ASAP’ more carefully, especially if you are in a position of power. You have no idea the impact these words have on the lives of your subordinates.”Also Read | Side-By-Side Photos Show How Powerful James Webb Telescope Is Than HubbleSince being shared, the post has received mixed reactions from internet users. While some were of the opinion that the man was probably doing something urgent, others wrote that the man could’ve stopped the vehicle and then completed his task. One user wrote, “He should have stopped the vehicle and do the job. I have worked many times from road, from the vehicle, but always stop the vehicle. Once in a while, this is OK.” Another said, “One thing is sure no deadline can be achieved by working this way. He might be trying to do something else (leaving early).” Also Read | They Thought Crocodile Swallowed Boy. This Was Their Plan To Retrieve BodyA third added, “It’s mostly negligence of the person itself, rather blaming leadership if you are the one who clicked then you could have stopped him and ask why he is using his laptop while travelling on bike and become a responsible citizen.” “I do remember my own experience where I met with accident… Pls don’t do this even if you are pillion rider,” shared fourth. The post has garnered nearly 41,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments. Click for more trending news

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