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Deepica Mutyala is the founder and CEO of makeup brand Live Tinted.For decades now, a Barbie doll has been an obvious choice of gift for girls across the world. However, for girls in large parts of Asia and South Asia, the dolls they so dearly coveted looked nothing like them.The Barbie prototype was based on Caucasian features. While Mattel – the company which makes Barbie – released the first black and Hispanic dolls named Barbie in 1980, it has now introduced its first Indian Barbie collaboration with YouTuber Deepica Mutyala.Deepica Mutyala, who is also the founder and CEO of makeup brand Live Tinted, has shared a glimpse of the Barbie on social media, explaining the concept behind the doll, which is dressed in a power suit with jhumkas and bangles. Sharing details, Ms Mutyala said, “Meet 2022’s Barbie. Her skin is tined, her eyes big, and brows bold. She wears her jhumkas and bangles proudly with her power suit. She is ready to take on the world. Her identity is hers.”Ms Mutyala further said that Barbie symbolises the breaking of cultural barriers. “[She] aims high with intention. Leads with empathy and kindness. A fearless go-getter with a deep desire to make an impact in the world. She’s a CEO. This is the new Barbie.”Acknowledging the importance of representation, she said, “It was so important to me for young girls out there to see a South Asian American Barbie, paving her own path and turning her dreams into a reality by unapologetically being herself. Although this doll isn’t for sale (yet), I’m grateful this visual representation exists…”The post has created a lot of buzz on the social media platform. It was a “dream come true” moment for a few. Tell us what you think of this Barbie. Click for more trending news

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