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District administration says the matter is being probed.Basti: A public toilet in Uttar Pradesh has hit headlines for its strange model with two toilet seats in one enclosure, and that too without any partition.The photographs of the toilet complex at Gaura Dhundha village in Uttar Pradesh’s Basti district have gone viral on social media.The toilet complex, Izzat Ghar, was built with an investment of Rs 10 lakh. Some enclosures at Izzat Ghar have two toilet seats without partition, while others don’t even have a door.District administration says the matter is being probed. “Concerned officials have been asked to explain why toilet enclosures at the complex do not have doors, while some have two toilet seats without any partition,” a senior official told NDTV.”We have asked them to explain in what circumstances such a decision was made”, she said.Featured Video Of The DayRace To The LAC: Can India Match China’s Border Development?

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