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The railway employee’s skills are lauded by social media users.Buying a ticket for a train journey is one of the most tedious tasks. People have to stand in queues for hours before they reach the counter, where frequent complaints are against the person issuing the tickets. The railways tried to improve the situation by installing Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVMs) on several platforms.A railway employee has mastered the art of dispensing ticket from these machines and his video is now going viral on social media. The clip has been posted on Twitter by Mumbai Railway Users with the caption: “Somewhere in Indian Railways this guy is so fast giving tickets to 3 passengers in 15 seconds.”Somewhere in Indian Railways this guy is so fast giving tickets to 3 passengers in 15 seconds.— Mumbai Railway Users (@mumbairailusers) June 28, 2022The video shows the man collecting money from a passenger, while asking for destination of the next passenger, and simultaneously entering it in relevant fields of the ATVM. By the time one ticket comes out, he is ready to enter another destination.The man taps the screen of ATVM like a machine, finishing the job in seconds.Since being shared, the video has amassed more than 8,80,000 views. Twitter users were amazed to see the speed with which the employee was distributing tickets.”Superb accuracy he has achieved over the time. Time saved,” said one user. “Our very own flash,” added another.Some users wondered if the video has been sped up to make this railway employee look like a superhuman.”To all the people with appreciative comments, and witty quips about Indian software… how did none of you realise that the video has been sped up?” asked a user.”Software speed also good otherwise he need to wait next window to open,” said another.Click for more trending news

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