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First things first, and that’s vacation. Just because the lines between work and your personal life have been blurred, it doesn’t mean that vacations don’t exist. Even if you can’t wander around Europe or spread out on a beach, you still need to mentally decompress—maybe even more these days, given the dire state of things.

As Kenadi Silcox explained at earlier this year, you’ve still got a few options at your disposal:

Think of a regular vacation you’d take. When you splay out on the beach or read by the pool, the intention is to relax. A day off at home might not feel the same, but if you’ve spent the last few weeks working overtime, putting aside some time to just veg out in front of the TV isn’t a bad idea.

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to spend the day on your couch, or take that staycation you’ve always been flirting with, this is most certainly it.

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