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On CCTV, Car That Dragged A Delhi Woman For 12 Km, Killing Her 1
The car that dragged a woman in Delhi for 12 km and killed herNew Delhi: A CCTV footage has been found showing a car that dragged a woman in Delhi for 12 km on New Year’s morning, killing her, going down a road.The video shows the Maruti Suzuki Baleno being driven away on a road with a high divider. It is unclear from the grainy footage whether the 20-year-old woman, Anjali, is stuck under the car. However, a faint shape can be seen under the car.Five men were in the car, a Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and they have been arrested, the police said.The arrested men include a credit card collection agent, a driver and a ration shop owner, a police officer told NDTV.The incident happened in Delhi’s Sultanpuri this morning, several hours into the New Year celebrations that began at midnight.

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