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The 32-second clip is winning hearts on the internet.An old video of a duck feeding fish from its own food bowl is going viral again. Posted by Erik Solheim on Twitter, the 32-second clip is winning hearts on the internet.The undated video shows a duck standing on a crate filled with fodder kept over a water body. The duck decided to pick up grains from the container and dip it into the water for the fish to feed on. Soon, a school of fish was spotted huddled together eating the grains.The caption of the video reads, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”Watch the video— Visual of Earth (@EaRT_VisuaL) September 20, 2022The video has collected a whopping 2 million views on Twitter. The clip amassed over 2,500 likes and 398 retweets so far. Many users explained the duck’s behaviour. A user wrote, “The reality is that all ducks dip their food in water to eat, the fish are trying to steal its food.”Another user wrote, “To eat/swallow the dry grain the duck needs water, when adding water it loses a lot of grain that the fish eat. It is not feeding the fish as a goal.”The third user commented, “Nature is wise and incredible. This is the type of thing I like to watch on the internet.”The third user wrote, “beautiful.. no words can express this natural love and emotions.”A user asked, “So much to learn from other species. How did we land up on top of the pyramid?””So lovely, compassion has no bounds,” the fifth expressed.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayFace-Off Over Savarkar Portrait In Karnataka Assembly

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