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There can’t be a better therapy than travelling. Escaping from the usual chores and setting yourself free at an idyllic location is something we all need at some point. Backpacking helps us to reboot our minds and soul and bury our worries for some time. But enthusiasm is not the only thing you need to make your trip a success! Eating the right food is also important as it ensures that you remain active throughout the journey. A couple of delicious samosas go great with a cup of tea while we are on the move but those chasing a fitness goal might want to keep their hands off them.Also read: Winter Immunity: 5 Foods To Stay Warm And Healthy By Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta DiwekarTravelling can often disrupt our eating schedule. But nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, in her latest Instagram post, offers some health tips for those bitten by the travel bug. Take a look:Here Are Some Diet Tips Suggested By Rujuta Diwekar While You Are Travelling:1. Avoid Tea and Stay HydratedA hot cup of tea or coffee is an essential beverage for journeys. However, the nutritionist advises against consuming chai on the flight and 60 minutes before and after boarding. She also suggests avoiding tea and coffee in a moving vehicle and stresses staying hydrated. Instead of hot beverages, one can keep a water bottle handy and try sipping for the whole journey.2. Stay ActiveTravelling may affect your workout regime but it shouldn’t make you completely inactive. According to the nutritionist, one should opt for hotels that offer access to a gym or provide a yoga mat. She suggests packing your own yoga mat and doing five Surya namaskars on a daily basis. In addition, one can also consider lying in ‘suptabaddhakonasana’ for five minutes at bedtime.3.Take The Right FoodTravelling often includes eating a lot of junk and munching a variety of snacks. The nutritionist says that travellers can order food like khichdi, dal chawal, risotto or pasta for dinner and tell the hotel staff when you would like to eat it. When you crave something while you are in transit, chewing some peanuts, pistachio, and cashews, can help deal with it.What did you think of Rujuta Diwekar’s tips? Tell us in the comments.Featured Video Of The DayKadhai Murgh Recipe | How To Make Kadhai Murgh

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