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Of all the recipes that you can imagine having tomato puree, a car crash surely wouldn’t be one of them. UK’s local police were surprised to hear of a car crash, which caused a lot of spillage on the A14 highway in Godmanchester. Two lorries had collided at the corner of the highway, creating a major roadblock for travellers and passersby. Images of the crash immediately began circulating on social media, which seemed nothing short of a horror film. Authorities later investigated the car crash to find that the red sludge was nothing but tomato puree. Take a look at the post here:(Also Read: UK Police Nabs Wanted Criminal After He Shares Pic Of Cheese)”When our officers attended this crash yesterday, they could have been forgiven for thinking they’d stumbled onto the set of a horror film. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the redness all around them was actually thousands of squashed tomatoes,” read the post by Cambridge Constabulary, the local police handling the crash. They further revealed that there were two lorries which had jack-knifed each other to cause the spillage. One was carrying olive oil while the other was carrying tomatoes. “The olive oil meant the road had to be resurfaced and it was finally reopened at just before 1pm today,” read the post.Foodies couldn’t help but react to the hilarious news. A lot of people pointed out how the tomato puree and olive oil were perfect ingredients to make a pasta dish. Others praised the local authorities for cleaning up the mess quickly. There were also plenty of puns about Italian food doing the rounds on social media.Take a look at some of the reactions:Police statement said: “lettuce be clear the drivers were young, oh those salad days”— Eric Ready (@Ericthe08378950) June 2, 2021I got stuck in that, it was no joke at the time.— Phil Taylor. (@Phil48James) June 2, 2021For everyone that pasta that, clearly happened at Spaghetti junction.— Mark Ingram (@ingers64) June 3, 2021Just add one truckload of fresh basil… and hey pesto— Ian (@ian_newzzz) June 3, 2021Just needs a lorry load of mozzarella and basil for the world’s biggest caprese salad…— Laura M (@lolavweeg) June 2, 2021What was your first reaction to the news? Did you think the red spillage was tomato puree? Tell us in the comments below.
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