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One of the parking signs from Bengaluru, which is going viral on social media.As more and more vehicles are added to metro cities in India, parking has become a huge issue. During peak hours, roads look incapable of handling the load of the traffic. A car tyre is visible at every inch of the road, making it impossible to park, even for a short duration. Big cities have made separate parking spaces in main areas to avoid congestion. Then there are parking marshals and trucks hovering around to punish the culprits.But some people don’t care about these signs and park their vehicles in zones where it is prohibited. In Bengaluru, some home owners have posted quirky signboards warning people to avoid parking their vehicles in front of their houses.A Twitter user named Aditya Morarka shared two images of no parking sign boards outside a house in Koramangala and they are now going viral.Koramangala house owners got no chill for vehicle owners 🤷— Aditya Morarka (@AdityaMorarka) July 3, 2022One of these boards reads, “Don’t even think of parking here”. The second photo shows the signboard with the following text: “No parking, not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all!””Koramangala house owners got no chill for vehicle owners,” said Aditya Moraka, who shared the images on Twitter.The post has been liked by more than 2,100 people and re-tweeted by 126 users.The boards have led to a discussion on Twitter, with some people favouring the move while others speaking against it.”Do they have the legal right to not allow parking on road?” asked a Twitter user.”Why park near someone’s house! Get your own space. If one can spend lakhs on a vehicle then spare a few feet inside your compound. Roads are not parking space. Some uncles don’t even allow vehicles to pass. Time for govt to make parking space mandatory for vehicle ownership,” said another.There are many people in the IT hub who regularly post nightmarish photos on social media of bumper-to-bumper traffic and daily hassles faced by commuters.Click for more trending news

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