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The BJP MLA has posted the picture on his Instagram page as he campaigns in his assembly seat.Kanpur: Campaigning for elections often sees candidates taking roadshows, holding meetings, and in some cases visiting houses in the assembly seat they are contesting in. But with Covid restrictions on rallies and other events in place, candidates have started door-to-door visits to convince the electorates to vote for them.Surendra Maithani, a BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh, is one of them. The BJP MLA from Kanpur has posted a number of photos of him interacting with people – in some cases people applying tilak on his forehead – as he campaigns in his assembly seat. A video of one such campaigning by Mr Maithani – the BJP MLA is seen talking with a man as he bathes – has been widely shared on social media.”Is everything fine? Your house has been successfully constructed, no? Have you got ration card?” the MLA asks the man who is in the middle of a bath.”Yes, yes,” the man replies.The BJP MLA has even posted the picture on his Instagram page.”I went to a beneficiary’s home and congratulated him on the successful completion of home under the housing scheme. I requested him to press lotus (BJP symbol) and elect me as MLA,” the MLA wrote.Uttar Pradesh will go to polls in seven phases between February 10 and March 7, with results being declared on March 10.

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