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The rental advertisement gave enough reasons to laugh out loud. (Representational)Looking for a suitable rental accommodation is not easy. Besides making sure that it fits into the budget, one has to comply with certain conditions that it comes with. And, these requirements can be quite peculiar at times.A rental advertisement for a property has been doing rounds on the internet over an odd condition. “No poets,” the ad for the one-bedroom apartment stated. what the heck ????— dori jean (@ContentAbundant) July 28, 2022Well, it is not known where the property in located and if the writer made a typing error or if the landlord really doesn’t like poets. Whatever it may be, the advertisement gave enough reasons to laugh out loud. Users churned out hilarious reactions to the advertisement.The humour on here is just getting verse.— Simon MacLennan (@Thorfinn1960) July 29, 2022Another suggested that it has to be a typing error and that an editor was needed.An obvious typo; maybe they need an editor?— Loukia Louka Borrell (@LoukiaBorrell) July 28, 2022A person wondered what it would be like for a poet to rent the place.It’s 3:00 in the morning all of a sudden you start feelingmighty elegant& you start saying some fancy words…next thing you know you hear an angry knock at the door— RigtH (@BlazRa_RigtH) July 29, 2022Some were of the opinion that poets are “high maintenance and tend to leave a mess.”Poets are high maintenance and tend to leave a mess.— Postmodern Malone (@3vilbasterd) July 28, 2022For this user, the ad sparked his curiosity to know what the writer exactly meant and suggested calling the owner. “The world wants to know,” the user wrote.Someone pls call that number and get the entire story pls. The world wants to know.— Rahul Upadhyay (@Rahulvichaar) July 28, 2022Another sought further details on the hilarious ad.???? ah we need full story ???? this ain’t it bro— poetivist (@mrpoetivist) July 28, 2022Some suspected that the writer meant “pets” and not “poets”.I think they meant ‘pets’.— Alexander Rooksmoor (@ARCRooksmoor) July 29, 2022A person hailed it as the “best typo”.Best typo— Rachel Joy Swardson (@Rachelswardson) July 29, 2022This user joked that being a “smoking poet” he objects to the advertisement.As a smoking poet I object— Seán Maguire (@seanmaguire77) July 28, 2022So, what do you have to say about this rental advertisement?Click for more trending news

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