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"No Names Till...": Row Over Rajasthan Anti-Corruption Bureau Order 1
Jaipur: The names of people caught accepting bribes cannot be made public till they are found guilty in trial, officials of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Rajasthan have been told in a controversial order. The state’s opposition BJP has attacked the Ashok Gehlot government, saying this is evidence that the government is supporting corruption.The BJP’s Rajendra Rathore, deputy leader of the opposition in the Rajasthan assembly, tweeted that the Gehlot government is now becoming the “shield of the corrupt”.The order has been passed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau as soon as its new chief, Hemant Priyadarshi, took charge.The order says that the names of people trapped in corruption raids can only be revealed after it is proved in court.  The designation and department of the trapped person, however, can be made public.

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