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New Year 2023: 7 Detox Tea Recipes After New Year's Eve Bingeing 1
New Year brings joy, new opportunities, and a reason to go all-in at gatherings and parties. Most of us never hesitate to try out every item available in the buffet, while others don’t move from the bar counter and guzzle down bottle after bottle. While we have our best time during such indulgence, one should not forget that this can have an adverse impact on our health in the long run. Hence, it is important that you flush out the toxins from your body. Sipping some detox tea is one of the ways you can clean the system from the inside. Detox teas are a blend of different ingredients and spices that have medicinal properties. These teas can help you get rid of the harmful toxins that get accumulated in your body after binge eating and drinking. So, here we are with some detox tea recipes that you can try after the New Year’s Eve party.Also Read: Detox Drink: How To Make Cumin-Coriander-Cardamom Tea To Keep Bloating At BayPhoto Credit: iStockHere Are 7 Detox Tea Recipes To Try:Ginger-ajwain-lemon tea:Infused with the flavours and medicinal properties of ginger, ajwain, and lemon, this tea is one of the easiest ways to detoxify yourself. You can have it in the morning after partying late at night. This will not only detoxify your body, but also boost your metabolism, which can further help in losing weight. Here is the recipe.Detox haldi tea:The healing properties of turmeric are quite well known. Mix it in hot water along with some other ingredients [black pepper and ginger] and you get a perfect drink with loads of antioxidants. It cleans your liver and also boosts your immunity by improving liver function. Recipe inside.Cumin-coriander-cardamom tea:This detox tea has all the ingredients you need to flush the toxins out of your body after the New Year celebrations. Besides detoxifying, the drink also acts against issues like acidity, bloating, loss of appetite, and nausea. Click here for the recipe.Ajwain-jeera tea:Once you are done binge eating at gatherings, this is the tea that will help you get rid of the toxins. Both ajwain and jeera are widely used in Indian cooking for their health benefits. Taking this combination in the morning will help in detoxification and boosting metabolism. Recipe is here.Cinnamon-clove green tea:Green tea has been popularised as a drink that can aid healthy weight loss. But by adding cinnamon and clove, you can turn the tea into a detox drink. It also promotes weight loss. Click here.Amla-ginger tea:Looking for a healthier alternative to your usual black tea that also helps detoxify the body? Try this amla-ginger tea which is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent free-radical damage in our bodies. Recipe is here.Masala green tea:Topping up your green tea with cinnamon sticks, cloves, freshly grated ginger, and lemongrass among others enhances its medicinal properties manifold. It helps clean the body from the inside, regulates metabolism, and boosts immunity. Click here for the recipe.Have an amazing New Year 2023, everyone.Featured Video Of The DayMurmura Poha Recipes | How To Make Murmura Poha

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