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The dedicated research team at ShareKhan simplifies your investing life.The stock market continues to attract and fascinate the public. Many investors are trying their luck with investing, while others are diving into it deeper. The knowledge of trading has increased over the years because of the popularity of websites and blogs that offer tips, advice and information on trading. But the challenge is when you have to choose the right broker!There are numerous options available to you as an investor. Here are five reasons you should opt for a full-service broking platform like Sharekhan.Dedicated Relationship Manager:The dedicated research team at ShareKhan simplifies your investing life. We believe that your relationship with your investments is just as meaningful as the portfolio you hold. Our investment managers are ready to walk with you every step of the way and advise you on every transaction.We provide the optimum mix of assets to create a diversified investment portfolio to assist and advise you throughout the process. Our team will help you make decisions that are best for your financial future, keep track of your portfolio to prevent losses, and inform you about any exciting new opportunities in the market.Sharekhan Research takes into account the day-to-day happenings in the market and studies the deeper issues and concerns that are long term in nature. This gives us an edge and makes us unique. We offer our customers a wide range of products and services to suit the investing needs of a diverse set of investors and traders.Whether you are a long-term investor or a regular trader, our evergreen recommendations, market insights, and exclusive product guidance will help maximise your returns.Model Investment Portfolios:Model investment portfolios offered by ShareKhan take the pain out of choosing what to invest in. Our research group creates and curates these Sample Portfolios while keeping investing objectives and risk levels in mind. The investment portfolios are checked frequently so that you may profit from any changes made.Sharekhan ROAR:Sharekhan ROAR is a 90-day curriculum aimed to get you started in the capital markets. It helps you make well-informed investment decisions. The package comprises a specialised onboarding manager who guides you throughout the Sharekhan world and matches you with the finest tools and financial solutions according to your requirements and aspirations.Your onboarding manager also ensures that your money works for you, minimising your risk during these three critical months. Say hello to more intelligent investing!Sharekhan Foresight:Foresight, an event by Sharekhan for all investors, is focused on providing you with a solid understanding of the equity markets and how to identify your long term investment goals.Our industry leaders, decision-makers and influencers will share their investing expertise through live sessions and interactive discussions. This event is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about the equity market and make the most out of their investments.In addition to giving you the basic know-how on equity markets, the sessions address crucial investment planning and risk management topics.The event also allows you to consult distinguished industry leaders who can advise you on stock-picking, consolidation of your portfolios and estate planning. So, be a part of this exciting learning experience at our Foresight events.Sharekhan Application:Our ShareKhan application has been designed to make the best use of your smartphone. With a simple static interface, and a host of cutting edge features, this application gives you the power to trade with ease on the go.With 4.1 stars on Google Play Store and 25 lakh+ downloads, the ShareKhan app is your one-stop shop for all your investment requirements.Why Choose Sharekhan?Trading in the markets can be tricky, and you want to ensure you’re on the right side of each trade before you invest. Now that’s where we come in. By taking advantage of our research and recommendation services, you can get all the information you need to make well-informed trades – well before your competition does.That’s because you have access to a team of experts who have spent years studying the trends and developments within the market.And by using our products and services, we’ll arm you with all the information you need to help generate trading ideas, improve your performance, and ultimately boost your portfolio performance.At Sharekhan, we are about putting you in control. We are here to make investing simple, convenient and accessible for you.You will get customised relationship management that is tailored to your needs. We provide solutions that can help meet your investment goals and aspirations through our comprehensive range of services, innovative tools and a dedicated team of professionals.So, whether it’s an online trading platform or a branch that helps you trade, we’re there for you every step.Start trading now!For detail disclaimer, please visit to Sharekhan website.(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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