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The INAS 316 will operate the Boeing P-8I aircraftGoa: The Indian Navy’s second P-8I aircraft squadron has been commissioned into the Navy today. The ceremony for the Indian Naval Air Squadron 316 was held at INS Hansa in Goa, and Admiral R Hari Kumar, the Chief of the Naval Staff, was the chief guest, the Defence Ministry said in a statement.INAS 316 has been christened ‘Condors’, whose insignia depicts a condor searching over the vast blue expanse of the sea. Condors are known for excellent sensory capabilities, powerful and sharp talons and large wings, which symbolises the capabilities of the aircraft and envisaged roles of the squadron, the Defence Ministry said.The INAS 316 will operate the Boeing P-8I aircraft, a multirole long-range maritime reconnaissance anti-submarine warfare aircraft, which can be equipped with a range of air-to-ship missiles and torpedoes.This “game-changer” aircraft is a potent platform for maritime surveillance and strike, electronic warfare missions, search and rescue, providing targeting data to weapon platforms and providing time-critical surveillance information, among others.The squadron has been specifically commissioned to be the home for the four new P-8I aircraft to counter any threat in the Indian Ocean Region.”India is the preferred security partner in the Indian Ocean region, which reflects our country’s ability to play an effective strategic role in the region, and need to expand its operational reach,” Admiral Kumar said.”The Indian Navy is integral to this commitment and in pursuance of this objective, commissioning of INAS 316 marked yet another milestone towards enhancing maritime security and surveillance in the Indian Ocean Region,” he said.INAS 316 is commanded by Commander Amit Mohapatra, an accomplished Boeing P-8I pilot with extensive operational experience. He has also flown maritime air platforms such as IL-38 and Dornier 228 and also commanded INS Baratang as well as served as the Executive Officer of INS Tarkash.

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