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Navroz Mubarak! Tara Sutaria Enjoys With Delectable Homemade Parsi Spread 1
Navroz Mubarak! The Parsi New Year, also known as Navroz or Nowroz is being celebrated today. This occasion marks the beginning of the spring season and the commencement of the Solar Hijri calendar’s first month, known as Farvardin. The word “Navroz” is a combination of two words. “Now” means “new” and “ruz” translates to “day.” During this festivity, Parsis clean and decorate their houses, wear new clothes, go to agiary – fire temple – to offer prayers and make a sumptuous meal at home. The occasion isn’t any different for actress Tara Sutaria. Every year, she gives us a sneak peek into the Navroz celebrations at her home. This time around, Tara dropped a snippet of the New Year’s eve dinner and it was indeed a lavish affair.Her dining table was brimming with an array of authentic Parsi delicacies. The first things that instantly grabbed our attention included a flavourful and spicy Parsi biryani and a drool-worthy gravy-laden meat curry. The food was served in traditional banana leaves for everyone in the family. We could spot yummy Parsi salli murgh, a kind of chicken curry usually topped with crispy potato straws. There was farcha, a delicious Parsi-style fried chicken served as an appetiser. We could also see what appeared to be saas ni machhi! It’s basically a spiced dish of fish prepared in white sauce. Along with the meal, there was crispy papad and achaar also. As a special note for fans, Tara Sutaria wrote, “Happiest to be home, engulfed in family, friendship and food. Saal Mubarak all.” Take a look:Also Read: Happy Navroz 2022: Celebrate Parsi New Year With These 7 Delicious RecipesAlso Read: When Is Parsi New Year? A Full-Course Parsi Menu For The CelebrationNow that this whole thing piqued your interest in the rich Parsi cuisine, here’s a surprise for you. We have mentioned some authentic Parsi delicacies that can be easily prepared at home. Yes, of course, these recipes include the ones you could see on Tara Sutaria’s homely meal.1) Irani Zeeresh Chicken PolowIf you are fond of rice dishes, this lip-smacking Iranian pulao is a must-try. It carries the flavours of spices and the goodness of boneless chicken tossed with crunchy nuts and saffron. The delicacy is cooked in dum-style and tastes like heaven. Recipe here.   2) Salli Boti (Parsi meat dish)The strong flavours of tomatoes, onions, jaggery and vinegar stand out. You can make this if you are organising a house party. “Salli” means “potatoes” and “boti” indicates “meat chunks”. This meat preparation is topped with crispy fried potato straws on top. Find the recipe here.3) Chicken FarchaLooking for some good appetisers for your meal spread? This is it. Chicken farcha is dry and absolutely tasty. It’s served as an appetiser and carries a perfect blend of spices and lime juice. Do try this one out at home. Recipe here.4) Patrani MachchiThis is another wonder from Parsi cuisine. If you are bored with regular-style fish curries, go for this one. It basically includes Pomfret fillets coated in coconut chutney, wrapped in banana leaves, and later, steamed to perfection. Yes, you can thank us later. See the recipe here.How did you like the recipes?

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