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Weddings have come of age and so have Indian brides. From bidding goodbye to their parents in a single shaadi ka joda (read, one wedding ensemble) to having a wedding trousseau, Indian women have become more experimental in the last two decades. Wedding functions have become larger, and so has wedding jewellery because, millennial brides are doing things differently.

So who exactly is a millennial bride? Well, she’s someone who belongs to the Generation Y (Gen Y), is born between 1980s to 1990s and swears by the elevated usage of the internet. Millennial brides are bold, not shy, and that’s exactly what is reflected in their choice of wedding jewellery – it’s bold, a new take on classic and everything that will turn others green with envy. We got in touch with some of India’s most talented jewellery makers to understand what kind of jewellery appeals to this young lot and ended up enlisting some of the must-have jewellery pieces for millennial brides.

(Choker necklace from Ambrus Jewels)
Choker necklace

While they are many jewels vying for their attention, most millennial brides seem to be in love with the classic choker necklace, and some don’t even mind a contemporary twist to it. A choker is basically a fitted necklace worn around the neck and new brides love this trend because it’s bold and stylish. Vinay Gupta, owner of Shriparamani Jewels bats for the choker as he feels today’s brides want something that is trendy yet traditional and adds sparkle to their personality. “These minimal chokers are a statement accessory that can add glamour and vintage charm to your traditional/modern look. Choker necklaces are back in vogue and it is a must-have modern jewellery for the brides of today. And, there is a diverse range of choker necklaces available to jazz up your look,” says Gupta.

A choker is also widely preferred as it can be styled with an indo-western outfit as well as a sari and one can wear it individually or layer it up.


(Cocktail ring and other bridal jewellery from Shriparamani Jewels)


Jewellery is an essential part of every wedding. While elegant jewellery looks fabulous, it could cost a bomb too. That is why it’s important for every bride to invest in jewellery rather than just look at it as a one-day ornament. Arpit Goyal of Ambrus Jewels feels investing in classic pieces like rings will not only get you your money’s worth but will also enable you to style them as you like it, for years to come. “You may never know, you might be able to pass them down as heirloom pieces to your next generation!,” quips Arpit.

According to Goyal, “A ring is every bride’s favourite! Depending on your style, pick up a ring that suits you best. If it’s your engagement ring, choose something that you will wear every day. This is one piece that you will get to wear most out of all your jewellery pieces. If you love to make a statement, pick a cocktail ring in classic stones like sapphire or emeralds to make it stand out.” adds Goyal.

Vinay Gupta also feels cocktail rings are an important ornament for the modern bride. “Leaving apart the engagement ring, a ring is something which every bride buys before marriage on a number of occasions or already owns a few of them. I would recommend a bride to choose a cocktail ring or an oversized ring that she can sport on a number of occasions at both personal and professional gatherings.”

earrings (1)

(Chandelier earrings from Ambrus Jewels)


Jewellery designer Nidhi Sablok of Nidhi Sablok Jewellery feels the modern bride is undoubtedly more appreciative of the finer things in life and she recommends investing in some of classic pieces that will last a lifetime. Topping her selection of five must-have jewellery pieces for new brides are chandeliers or long earrings.

They are versatile and go well with suits, saris and even dresses. One can pick from gold, diamond, platinum and even polki. “Long earrings are the current trend and any bride can go for the long polki earrings which will look perfect with any bridal outfit. Those earrings can be worn time and again with your any ethnic outfit for every occasion,” adds Gupta.

A gorgeous pair of earrings will always have your back, at the wedding and even post it, feels Arpit from Ambrus Jewels. “If you are looking to invest in one good pair, invest in a pair of jhumkis and ensure you pick jhumkis which are light in weight and easy to wear, as you are looking to wear them time and again. Once can opt for different styles when it comes to jhumkis and even pick several pairs,” adds Arpit.


(Hand jewellery from Shriparamani Jewels)

Sablok’s list of must-have also includes classic bangles. Most of the modern brides have ditched glass bangles or traditional lakh kadas (bangles) for good and now prefer to wear simple gold bangles or elegant diamond encrusted ones. The lovers of traditional jewellery like to buy vintage stone studded kadas. Some even opt for modern looking diamond bracelets in place of bangles as they are more trendy and pair up well with western wear.

maang tikka (1)

(Maang tikka by Nidhi Sablok)
Maang tikka

Jewellery draws out the best in a bride and upgrades her look instantly. It showcases her style decisions and adds a pinch of tastefulness to her pleasing personality. Well, a piece that truly adds to the bridal enigma is the very understated maang tikka.

A traditional piece of head jewellery worn by Indian brides, the maang tikka has suddenly gained popularity. From gold to kundan to polki maang tikka, you name it and you’ll spot a bride flaunting it.

For millennial brides, Arpit recommends a pearl maang tikka because it has a certain delicate touch to it yet adds the right sparkle to the entire look. “Maang tikkas are a quick way to add some glamour to the outfit. Pair heavy jhumkis and a lovely maang tikka with a light outfit and you are ready to rock the event,” adds Arpit.

sunita (2)

(A kundan-meenakari piece by Sunita Shekhawat)

Colourful jewellery

While gold, diamond and white gold have their spots fixed in the bride’s jewellery box, another addition to the same is multi-hued jewellery. According to Sunita Shekhawat, country’s biggest name specialising in kundan-meena enamel work based jewellery, kundan work has great artistic value, opulence and it goes very well with Indian bride’s colorful outfits. “Brides nowadays are looking to invest in meenakari pieces that are convenient and serve multi – purposes for the modern-day woman, so that the wedding jewellery can be worn beyond the wedding day and can be a part of the bride’s occasional attires. Some of these jewellery pieces can be styled in 3 to 5 different ways so as to get maximum value out of a single jewellery piece,” says Shekhawat.

“Cooler hues are a must have this wedding season as more and more brides are opting for meenakari in shades of turquoise. Gemstones of cooler hues such as the deep aquamarine – tanzanite, when paired with perfectly graded pearls, makes it a must have for millennials!” concludes the jewellery specialist.

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